Patient Comments

Patient Y.C. (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 24/04/2018 (Room 236)

For the second time the service from your Hospital staff were excellent with no exaggeration. Always with smile and polite the staff are ready to help you.

Special congratulations to the Gynae ward and all the staff who treated us manually with patience.

Patient S.G (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 28/4/18 (Room 242)

Exceptional service and care throughout my stay.

Patient M.R (Outpatient)

No complaint. Excellent care and attention.

Patient D.A (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou)

Everything was perfect.

Patient M.N (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou) – 28/4/18 (Room 137)

No complaints, all very good both in hospital care and staff were fantastic, although very busy but still managed to be helpful with a smile. As I am a very nervous patient, They put me at ease so my times.

Patient A.R (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou)

Thank you for helping me through a very scary time. Your professionalism helped keep me calm during my unexpected operation and recovery. Best wishes.

Patient D.M.P (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) (Room 131)

Nurse Fostira was more than excellent and very helpful.

Patient S.B (outpatient) (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – 02/05/2018

Dr Panagiotis Antonakas was excellent.

Patient K.E.G (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 02/05/2018 (Room 141-143)

I am most impressed with the care I have received. The staff I have met have without exception, been professional, caring and friendly.

Patient I.P (treated by Dr Maria Paschalidou) – 06/05/2018 (Room 150)

Cathy was amazing with my daughter. She was professional, kind and caring. She was especially friendly and put a very scared one year old child at ease.

I cannot praise her enough. Thank you.

Patient T.N (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Visiting hours are not enough and unacceptable.

Patient A.K (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) – 07/05/2018 (Room 127)

Thank you to all the staff on the 1st floor (nurses, cleaners, etc. ), Especially big thank you to doctor Stavros.

Patient B.E (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) – 7/5/18 (Room 137)

Dr Christos Georgiades – the best doctor ever, kind, helpful and professional.

All your staff is the best quality and services, there were minor issues that were resolved by the neonatal room staff.

Nothing to complain about. Thank you much.

Patient J.C (Outpatient)

I always have excellent treatment from excellent doctors and staff.

Patient T.Z. (treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou) (Outpatient)

I feel everything seemed to be done professionally. Thank you.

Patient G.P (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – 08/05/2018

Perfect service and staff. All were polite and smiled.

Patient R.P (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 09/05/2018 (Room 224)

Christina Neophytou and Marialena Pavlara -  impeccable and helpful.

Patient N.D (treated by Dr Kleio Gaitanaki) (Room 242)

All staff were very friendly and helpful.

Patient E.D (treated by Dr Panagiotis Tavelis) – 13/05/2018 (Room 232)

Rosa was very helpful and a good lady.

Patient P.O (treated by Dr Panagiotis Tavelis) – 13/05/2018 (Room 137/138)

Dr Panagiotis Tavelis was very friendly and very good. Excellent service all around, nurses very helpful and friendly.

Patient G.E – 13/5/18 (Room 242)

Cleanliness was very good. Service and professionalism were perfect. The gynae ward was perfect. The staff were helpful and very well informed about breastfeeding.

Perfect professionalism with everything for mother and baby. Congratulations. I am very satisfied.

Patient C.B – (Treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) Room 234

Ilona Kostanidou was very helpful and pleasant.

Patient J.L (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou) – 14/05/2018

All staff were excellent. Dr Aristos Georgiou was very helpful.

Patient E.K – 15/05/2018 (Room 222)

Staff were fantastic, couldn’t ask for anyone better. Thank you to all.

Patient M.K (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) – 16/5/18 (Room 127)

Ioanna and Despo (operating theatre staff) wonderful.

Dr Nasser Abdallah was excellent doctor.

Patient A.B (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

A big thank you for the Nursing staff -Bella – Rosa and my Doctor.

Patient M.M (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Staff and Doctor were very helpful.

Patient C.C (treated by Dr Andri Euripidou) – 18/05/2018 (Room 244)

Dr Andri Evripidou has real professionalism. Everything was perfect.

Patient S.B – (Treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 18.05.2018

Dr Michalis Chrysostomou is wonderful. Thank you!!!

Patient J.F – (Treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 20.05.2018

I had excellent care

Patient P.K – (Treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 22.05.2018

Your staff are excellent!!!!!