Patient Comments

Peter Williams (treated by Dr Theodosis Petridis) – 02/02/2018 (Room 127)

If the beds could be adjusted by the occupant it would free nursing staff from this task.

 Richard Powell (treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou) – Outpatient – 02/03/2018

Nursing Staff have excellent bedside manners and very professional.

Spiros Mavromichalos – Outpatient

Everything is very good. Thank you.

Laura-Mona Malaescu (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Thank you very much for all your attention and your help!!

All the best for all staff.

Despo Georgiades (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 03/03/2018 -Room 232

Everything was professional from staff to equipment.

Boyana Slavova (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 04/03/2018 – 242

Very pleased with my child’s experience. Great support from the Doctors and nursing staff.

Special thanks to my Doctor – Michalis Chrysostomou and all Doctors and nurses from Gynaecological ward

and nursery. You are doing a great job.


Very good doctor. Best service one can get. Best hospital.

Georgia Kyriakidou (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – 07/03/2018

All of the nursing staff and midwives were especially helpful and with very good behaviour. A big thank you.

Costantinos Efthymoudis (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis)  

The only reason why I came to the hospital was Dr Savvas Lykoudis.

He’s a God.

Outpatient – 09/03/2018

Contaminated outbreaks such as rubbish bins are placed away from water dispensers.

Stavroula Lanara (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) – 10/03/2018 – Room 240

Thank you very much all of you for the help. You are perfect and you have to continue

with this way. Thank you.

Nikoletta Foulidou – 11/03/2018 – Room 226

All of the staff were perfect. Especially Ilona for her support and help.

A big thanks for Dr Andri Evripidou.

Zinovia Chrysanthou – 13/03/2018 – Room 224

Thank you all of the hospital staff from my heart.

I would like to thank Dr Nestoras Michael for his successful surgery and rapid recovery.

Thank you to all of the nurses for their services. They were polite and patient.

Efthymia Plotska (treated by Dr Despina Mavridou) – 14/03/2018 Room 123

The staff were friendly, willing to help the patient.

Juon Akhtar (treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros) – 14/03/2018

Dr Aspros is an amazing surgeon, doctor and person.

Eleni Orphanidou (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas)

Christiana Mylona – Xenia Theofilou – Loutmila Makridou.

Very satisfied with everything. A big thanks to Christiana Mylona for support and special service and Dr Antonakas.

Hollee Reading (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) – 17/03/2018 Room 221

After a BAD experience in the general hospital I came to Evangelismos within admittance I was in Surgery within an hour the relieved the pain.

The nurses on Gynaecological ward are super.

Koulla Christofi – 17/03/2018 (Room 236)

Professionalism – friendly staff and environment. All perfect !!! thank you.

Doris Willis (treated by Dr Theodosis Petridis) – 18/03/2018 (Room 141/2)

My food was  good quality but the portions were too large!

All nursing staff were kind, helpful and professional. I could not praise Dr Theodosis Petridis more highly for his consideration and kindness as well as his skills.

Sophia Stavrou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 19/03/2018

All of the Gynaecological ward are perfect and polite.

Bertold Koenig (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou)

Very happy with everything. Dr Maria Nikolaidou was perfect.

Laura Mona Malaescu – Room 221

Ms Ilona – she treated me like my mother.

Many thanks for all the ladies. Thank you also for all your help Ms Maria Mavrommati.

Antigoni Christophi (treated by Dr George F. Ioannides)

Thank you very much. You were all very helpful and professional.

Thank my doctor for my operation.

William Andrew (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 22/03/2018 (Room 123)

Excellent quality of health care. Speedy provision from consultation to hospital care and discharge.

Aniko – 22/03/2018 (Room 228)

Everyone was helpful and friendly. I felt like I was at home.

Thank you ladies once again for your hospitality, friendliness and professionalism!!

Margaret Hiil (treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros)

I found the Nursing staff, Doctors and cleaners very helpful.Nice and friendly even under stress.

Stanley Lamb (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 28/3/2018 (Room 128)

This was my second visit to your hospital. The surgeon was excellent and professional.  

Timothy Dicks (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 29/03/2018 (Room 132)

All staff were very helpful and made my stay as comfortable as possible. Thank you to everyone.

Katerina Georgiou (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – 29/03/2018 (Room 136)

Extremely pleased with great service once again !!!

Nikolas Mansour (treated by Dr Andreas Eleftheriades) – 30/03/2018 (Room 136)

Thanks to all nursing staff for the perfect service and behaviour during my stay.

Georgiana Valentina (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) (Room 226)

Many thanks to my doctor and of course all of the gynaecology department, always have been and will remain the best.

Thank you so much all supported.

Baby Ali Musa Afzal (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) – 30/03/2018 (Room 150)

Thanks for looking after my boy.

Natalei Robinson (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) (Room 135)

Very happy overall. All staff excellent. Thank you for looking after my daughter.

02/04/2018 (Room 225)

I would like to thank both me and my husband all the medical and nursing staff for the quality service which they offered both to me and my small princess.

Especially I would like to thank Chrysovalanto and Milena for helped during childbirth.

We do not forget, of course, Dr Philippos Constantinou , an excellent doctor and above all human. Thank you again.

Gloria Petrova (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) – 03/04/2018

Dr Christoforos Stavrou is a really nice person.

Andri Gavriel (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – 04/04/2018 (Room 236)

Maria Mavrommati – always helpful. Everything was amazing.

Charalambia Charalambous (treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros) – 14/02/2018 (Room 144)

Perfect services. If we will need you again (I wish not), we will definitely prefer you.

Fotia Hadjinicola (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 26/01/2018 (Room 223)

Change the yellow colour to the wall, is very annoying to the eyes after the Anaesthesia.

Very good behaviour and treatment by Maria Mavrommati.

Sofronia Telemachou (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) -21/02/2018 (Room 242)

All of the hospital staff were helpful, friendly and I am very satisfied for my stay to your hospital.

Keanu Nair (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) -25/02/2018 (Room 152)

All the staff were excellent . it was my grandson staying. The nurses Anna, Elvira, Ioanna and Antonis were very good with him.

Rosemary Edwards – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) – 01/03/2018 (Room 142)

All nursing staff are very professional.

Maria Kosteri – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) (Room 223)

I felt very comfortable to ask any questions or queries I had with Mrs Maria Mavrommati. All the nurses and midwives were very professional except 2 which I informed Mrs Maria about. Thank you all for everything.

 Andreas Constantinou (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 02/03/2018 (Room 132)

Christiana Mylona – without her help we won’t be here.

Everything were perfect. Thank you very much.

 Lorna Walton – 04/03/2018

Two members of staff were especially helpful and supportive, namely Maria Mavrommati (ward nurse) and Elena (the nurse who was there for delivery).

Wang Hongmei (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) -05/03/2018

Dr Philippos Constantinou and Nurses were very professional.

Rafaella Chrysostomou (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas)

All of the Gynae Ward staff were perfect. Thank you!

Anna Paphitis (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) (Room 138)

I was in this Hospital  for  first time and I would like to thank you very much.

Martin Jones (treated by Dr Stelios Papasavvas) (Room 132)

All staff were very good – General Ward.

Highly recommended private Hospital in Paphos. My only choice.

Loukia Kasiouli

The place and staff were perfect

Lucia Polla – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 06/03/2018

I was very impressed with the staff and hospital. Only thing I was missing was providing me more information about the procedures and medicine I was given,  which I had to ask about, although the nurses were happy to explain  after I asked. Dr Andri was excellent.

 Androula Spyrou (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas)

Very good service thank you.

Kiki Poliniki – Outpatient

Everything works well. The team of Dr Michalis Lerios is excellent.

Tal Mizrahi (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) (Room 240)

A big thanks for the team that was kind and caring.

Nikoletta Panayiotou – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 15/03/2018  (Room 234)

All the staff were excellent and very well mannered.


I was very glad seeing old staff and how they looked after me.

Mark Thompson – (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou) 16/03/2018

A one night stay this time! The staff were welcoming, helpful and worked with a smile – Faultless.

You should stop using disposable plastic cutlery ! Help save the Planet!!!

Despina Loizou Georgiou – Room 246

We are satisfied with the hospital services. Thank you very much for everything. All was excellent.

Antigoni Christodoulou -(treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 06/01/2018 – Room 244

All of the ward staff were polite and helpful. They helped me in everything . I would like to thank Marialena Pavlara and Ilona.

I don’t have any negative comment for the ward staff. I’m very satisfied and I would like to congratulation for all staff.

Jane Fauks -(treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) 08/01/2018 – Room 126

Doctors were excellent, also A&E Doctors, Nursing staff were all excellent.

Maria Spinoula  - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 01/01/2018 – Room 233

Rosa and Ilona Were very good and helpful. They helped me throughout my stay at the Hospital  by encouraging and explaining to me so many queries.

Of course I have no complaint from any nurse but the two nurses , Rosa and Ilona, were very good and helpful.

Matheos Antoniou -(treated by Dr Kleio Gaitanaki)  04/01/2018 – Room 122

Paramedic staff was very friendly, helpful and willing. Thank you

John Wills -(treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) – 14/01/2018

All staff very nice helpful. Thank you.

Outpatient – Christothea Liasidou – 17/01/2018

Thank you for your services and professionalism.

Georgos Georgiou -(treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis)  12/01/2018 -  Room 128

Dr Eraclis Eracleous was very helpful.

 Rita Fitzsimons  - (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas)  16/01/2018 – Room 141

Nurses George, Zoe and Niora they were are cheerful, professional, kind.

Anthonny Michael Philip -(treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 17/01/2018 – Room 140

Nurse Cathy was kind, caring and good humoured.

Ausra Kantauskaite -(treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

All staff was very kind, polite, helpful with excellent manners. Thanks for the good job.

Rimma Tanova - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – Room 240

I want to say thank you to all the staff of the Hospital.

They were very friendly and hospitable. And a great gratitude to Dr Nestoras Michael and Dr Andreas Savva.

Their job was perfect. Thank you to all the girls for their help and attitude.

Beryl Jubb -(treated by Dr Panayiota Nikolaou)

Anastasia Pavlidou and Antigoni Christofi were extremely friendly, polite, and willing to help.

Aristotelis Christofides  - (treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou) – 13/11/2017

Best services from the DPU staff.

Clive Thewlis -(treated by Dr Theodosis Petridis)

I am very grateful for the treatment I have received. Thank you very much.

Shirley Canham – 10/12/2017 – Room 128

Nurse Cathy has been exceptionally kind and helpful. She cheered me up when I felt down.

I feel she is an asset to your team.

Julia Nixon -(treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 29/11/2017 – Room 244

All the doctors and nurses have been friendly, courteous and very supportive. I Highly recommend this hospital.

Thank you to all the nurses for taking good care of me.

Evi Demetriou -(treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 31/12/2017 – Room 226

Staff were helpful and willing whenever I needed anything.

Margo Levy  - (treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros) – 30/12/2017 – Room 124

Portions of food are too big.

Peter Jobson -(treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) – 26/12/2017 – Room 132

All members of staff deserve a pat on the back. Excellent!!

Thank you for everything.

Victoria Velichko -(treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – 31/12/2017 – Room 232

Thanks to all nurses and staff.

Ioannis Karayiannis  - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) – 28/12/2017 – Room 138

All the nursing staff were fantastic, very caring. My child felt comfortable. Well looked after.

Thank you all.

Victoria Nickel -(treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) – 15/12/2017

Perhaps a small face flannel in the wash bag would be a good idea!

Rania Stephanova – 06/12/2017 – Room 232

Thank you everyone. Staff and Doctors are very kind and careful.

Philippos Georgiou -(treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros) – 18/12/2017 – Room 144

Dr Dimitris Aspros and Dr Stathis Tourvas made me feel comfortable before and after surgery.

All staff were perfect. Physiotherapist Ria was perfect.

Maria Psara – 10/12/2017 – Room 242

I have no words to express my deepest gratitude to your hospital staff.

Special thanks to Dr Nestoras Michael for his help,  and cooperation.

Thanks to Dr Nikos Konnaris for the excellent care of our baby and all  the staff (midwives, nurses, cleaners) on the 2nd floor for their excellent services.

Elena Pafiti – 29/11/2017 – Room 242

We are satisfied with staff and hospital.

Pantelitsa Stylianou – 06/12/2017 – Room 224

All staff of the Gynae Ward were friendly, helpful, impeccable in their work.

Voula Paliou – 02/12/2017 – Room 232

Perfect help. All of the Nursing staff were helpful and professional. Many thanks.

Stella Stylianou (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

From the time of admission to my discharge, everything was impeccable.

Perfect services from Doctors and Nurses.

Thanks to everyone, to Dr Andri Euripidou, Dr Marios Thrasivoulides and Nurses for the preparation of childbirth.

Elizabeth Unwin  - (treated by Dr Michalis Lerios)

I have been very impressed with the care of Dr Antonakas and his team.

Also all of the Nursing staff .   And the efficiency of the administration staff.

Thank you to all who have looked after me so well.

Alan Streeter – (treated by Dr Michalis Lerios)

Dr Michalis Lerios and nurse Natasa Pavlidou fulfilled the highest standards of professionalism whilst maintaining a friendly & relaxable bed-side manner.

Mpozoudi Despina – (Outpatient) 24/12/2017

The consultation visit takes a lot of time.

Dora Stokkou – 05/11/2017

Received the best service from the perfect staff. Thank you

Eliza Matheou (treated by dr Philippos Costantinou) – 24/11/2017 – Room 225

Tanya Tocheva – perfect service, friendly  and professional.

Fannia Horseman -(treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 29/11/2017 – Room 125-126

Kathlin Pelaidi – she is very friendly and a wonderful nurse.

Olga Arampidou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 13/12/2017 – Room 224

Roza Spyriadou  – Maria Mavrommati: May God keep them well. Helped me a lot and were very patient with me.

If it was not for Roza I would not have a good night's sleep. Thank you very much.

Costantia Karesiou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 27/11/17 – Room 223

Gynaecological Ward  staff were excellent.

Susan Lynda Smith (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) – 27/11/2017 – Room 125

All of your staff are fantastic and I can’t praise them enough. Thank you so much.

Rafaella Chrysostomou (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – 22/11/2017 – Room 140

All of the Nursing staff of General ward were perfect.

Georgios Panayiotides - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou)

To all the helpful Doctors thank you for getting Georgie better.

Elia Jusufovic - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) – 27/11/17 – Room 135-136

Thank you for taking such  good care of us!

Jayne Peel – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) – 21/11/2017 – Room 136

All of the staff are kind. Friendly services.

Maia Komodromou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All of the Operation Theatre staff were perfect. The ladies on the ward were friendly, polite and helpful.

Thank you all especially Maria Mavrommati and Milena. Thank you Dr Chrysostomou.

Maria Stekkas - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All the departments I went through were excellent, I was very pleased with the help they gave me.

 Mark Thompson - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 24/11/2017 Room 134

I am a big man! The toilet area is too small – Nothing you can do about that!

Visiting hours at times, some patients had many visitors,  one had ten including two children. The noise was terrible.

Maybe extra signs – keep noise levels down. – patients need to rest and recover.

Andri Louka – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All the nurses and midwives were super helpful, patient and always offering services with a smile and lots of understanding. Services are as if it was a 5 star hotel. We did not feel for a moment that either us or our newborn was neglected! Always one or two nurses in the room attending to the little ones.

Georgeta Visinescu – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas)

Laura Pascal was very helpful.

Sofia Nozadze – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)

Valentinos – Despo – Anna – Michalis – Naira – Ioanna and Cathy were very helpful, kind and excellent in their work. Thank you all.

Marina Meytani – 17/11/2017 – Room 224

I can safely say that the Hospital provides the best services at least in the field of Gynaecology as well as staff members, well-appointed for the care and patient care.

I will analyse:

1) Nurses fast when you need them, they know how to advise, they know their job. They are always ready to explain to you what you need to know and help you. They love their job.

2) Baby Room: Midwives are all experienced, give care and affection to our  baby.

3) Doctors: the hospital is staffed by several experienced doctors, frequent visits and care. I will come again for our third baby.

Iliana Ilia (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 27/10/2017

I would like to thank the entire Gynecological Department. All the girls were smiling, and very helpful. Bravo for their professionalism.

I also would like to thank my Doctor Mrs Andri Evripidou for her professionalism and Mrs Iliada , the paediatrician who took care of my son. Thank You!

Natalia Aturova (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 03/11/2017

Excellent services

Skevi Ioannou (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) – 18/12/2017

Thank you very much Olga, Elena, Michalis, Antonis

Anna Christodoulou (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) – 18/12/2017

Dr Phillipos could not be second in his kind.  He is irreplaceable.

Mason Inwood (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris)

Excellent services. Well looked after me and my baby and nothing was too much to ask for.

Thank you all.

Francois Debieuvre – 18/12/2017

No French channels

 Sally Smith

Everyone was really good to me during my stay. 

Janet Carew (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) – 23/12/2017

All staff at the Evangelismos Hospital have been helpful, friendly and attentive.

Thank you to all who have helped with my speedy recovery.

Barrie Williams (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) -15/12/2017

Overall care was excellent. Would highly recommend this Hospital, its services and staff.

Ava Welis (treated by Dr Andreas Eleftheriades) – 13/12/2017  

Very impressed with the Hospital and have been treated very well during my daughters stay.

Stavroula Igantiou (treaded by Dr. Neophytos Zambas) – 07/11/17

Despo Lazarou was very helpful and always smiling

Ioulia Bountakidou (treaded by Dr Andri Evripidou)

I’m happy with the staff‘s attitude

Natasa Georgiadi (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 07/11/17

I am very pleased with all the staff.

Andri Ioannidou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Ludmilla was encouraging and dynamic. Bella was very supportive and smilling.

Stelios Christoforou (treaded by Dr George F. Ioannides)

Elena Aristotelous – she was very helpful.

Alex Vlieks (treaded by Dr Savvas Lykoudis)

Many thanks to everybody! Your staff made my stay so much more comfortable!

Penny Cook – 10/10/17

All your staff are kind and helpful. They make you feel relaxed and earned you.

Stephany Tyrer ( treaded by Dr Dimitris Aspros) – 16/11/2017

I have found all staff very helpful and friendly.

Pantelitsa  Anastasiadou (treaded by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)  

Everything was excellent. Thank you.

 Anna Holt – 03/11/2017

I would like to express my gratitude and thank all staff who had helped me deliver my baby boy.

All personnel on the ward were friendly, supportive and caring. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Barnaby Rix (treaded by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) – 26/11/2017

The whole team here at the hospital have been fantastic. From the moment I arrived, all the investigations, the doctors and nursing care were great. I can’t thank you enough.

Dimitris Dimosthenous (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) – 17/11/2017

I have no complaints, the staff were very friendly.

Philip Marston (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades)

My visit was greeted with friendliness and professionalism, care, cleanliness and professionalism of staff was excellent.

 Lydia Komodromou (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

We thank the Doctors and all Nursing staff.

Mouratidi Liana (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) – 30/10/2017 (Room 232)

We would like to warmly thank our gynaecologist Dr Philippos Constantinou, the paediatrician Dr Konnaris Nikos for their decisive advice

at the birth of our baby. We would also like to thank all the staff at the clinic, especially the nurses, for the impeccable care they have provided.

Theodora Metaxa (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 06/11/2017

I am very pleased with the girls on the 2nd floor. They did everything to help me and relieve me of the pains.

They are excellent as professionals and as people.

 Maria Paraskevopoulou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 07/11/2017

Rosa was very helpful and very knowledgeable. She was calm with her demise. Well done and thank you.

The same for Ilona a very good nurse.

 Kevin Morton (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) – 26/10/2017

Your entire nursing staff are very professional, and I would have no problem recommending this hospital to anyone who would be patient.

Dr Stylianos Karvounaris is the most professional and gifted Doctor and I am looking forward to using his skills in the future.

Thank you all for a very pleasant stay under the circumstances.

Glenda Bliss (treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros) – 12/11/2017

All staff on the Maternity ward have been beyond marvellous, helpful, reassuming all the time. Dr Aspros has always been positive

and always explained every procedure from the moment I arrived. I cannot thank him enough. (A God among man).

A worrying time for me but the admission officer was great. Thank you all.

Karen Aspley (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – 05/11/2017

I could not pick one member of staff as they were all very caring lovely people. Thank you all for looking me so well.

Bibi Dart – (treated by Dr Theodoros Athinodorou) 29.10.2017

Thank you all so much for the excellent care we received. All of the staff were so helpful and communicated fantastically. Once again thank you so much. Dr Athinodorou was exceptional – very caring and helpful.

Rafaella Demosthenous –Outpatient

All the staff at the casualty department were very helpful and kind. Dr Ramez, Antonis Papadopoulos and Georgos Mavrogeorgis were excellent, kind and very good with my child. They showed professionalism. They  calmed me down and made me feel secure. Thank You.

Stephen Alexander – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 25/10/2017

All of the nursing staff who looked after me during my stay were professional, helpful and friendly. Nurse Pascal was excellent. Dr Savvas Lykoudes is the most professional and attentive surgeon. Full marks to him and my sincere thanks.

Veronica Robertson – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 22/10/2017

All the staff are excellent and so is Dr Lykoudes. 6 Star Hospital.

Robert Jackson – (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) 15/10/2017

Dr Maria Nicolaidou and Cardiologist are EXCELLENT!!!!


Jane Clarke – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides)

I arrived on the 9.10.2017 very scared and anxious. I have seen Dr Petrides on a few occasions before and he made me feel less scared and assured me he would look after me and everything would be ok and it was!!! I have lived in Cyprus for 13 years, before then experienced UK Hospitals this is by far the best personalised care I have ever received, everybody without exception has been lovely. Thank you for the love and attention I really really appreciate everything you have done for me. A special thanks to Dr Petrides, Cathy and Pascal.

Annita Loizou

Mrs Maria Mavrommati is the heart of the hospital. Thank you to her and all the staff for the excellent services offered

Lia Arjevanidze – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 10.10.2017

Thanks Dr Andri Evripidou for everything, she is a very good doctor and knows her job well. I’m really thankful for her. A big thank you to all the nurses and midwives and all other staff. Everyone is friendly and very good. Thank you very much.

Maria Vasou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 09.10.2017

Well Done to all the staff of the hospital. You have the best staff. I would like to give a special thanks to Dr Chrysostomou, he is magnificent and professional.

Melissa Linsdell – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Dr Nestoras was very helpful and always kept us informed. Nikos Konnaris, very helpful too and helped us with everything regarding our baby.

Anna Ruth O’Hare – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides)

Dr Petrides is very understanding, helpful and excellent at his job. All the staff at Evangelismos Hospital are wonderful.

Arthur Dudley – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 17.10.2017

An unwanted experience but exceptional treatment. I liked the attitude of the staff, helpful and friendly. Dr Antonakas is an excellent surgeon whose services should be retained (unless he wants to practice in the UK!!) He is professional in every sense.

Christine Moumtzi – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 19.10.2017 (Room 236)

The staff are very helpful and kind!!!

Pamela Lunt – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 09/10/2017

Your staff is very professional and friendly.

Susanne Van Buren – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 03.10.2017

Rebecca (Anaesthetist) is excellent and answered my questions, she listened to me.

Stephen Gee – (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 24.09.2017

Dr Stylianos Karvounaris is professional, polite, informative, helpful, brilliant. Could not be better.

Anton Komissarov – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20.09.2017

Dr Savvas Lykoudes was excellent.

Gintare Pundyte – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 14.10.2017

All the nurses on the maternity ward were excellent.

Julie Hughes – (treated by Dr Stelios Papasavvas) 13.10.2017 (OUTPATIENT)

Each time I have visited for a test or surgery, from start to finish, the service has been 5*. The hospital is also very clean throughout. All staff make you feel welcome.

Yiannoula Nikolaou – (treated by Dr Panagiota Nicolaou) 11.10.2017 (OUTPATIENT)

Was treated with the best of care. Everything was excellent. Nurses Natasa and Atigoni were wonderful.

Frank Coen – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 09.10.2017

All the staff were fantastic. The help they gave me was wonderful. And I feel I had a wonderful and very talented Dr Savvas Lykoudes. My admission procedure was excellent, the cleaning staff, etc… Overall the hospital is 5*

Helen Hossack – (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris)

All the nurses were amazing and so helpful. Dr Stelios Karvounaris is first class. Goes above and beyond to help.

James Rogers – (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou)

Everyone from the cleaners to the doctors were professional and lovely. Thank You.

Efi Georgiou – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 12.10.2017

Excellent service from the nursing staff on the ward. Thank You.

Hartmut Pickert – (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 12.10.2017

We were informed that it was the best clinic to go to and we were overwhelmed by the friendly atmosphere and kindness of ALL the staff. (from Admissions, cleaners, nursing and doctors) Best treatment possible in all situations.

Shaimaa Ali – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Really everything is very good / excellent. Thanks a lot to everyone in the hospital. I want to thank Dr Michalis Chrysostomou for my perfect treatment.

Margaret Smith – (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 12.10.2017

All the staff were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend the hospital to anyone.

Gesumino Sechi – (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 16.10.2017

Best doctor – Dr Georgiades

David Gandy – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 09.10.2017

Nurse Pascal excellent and compassionate. Cafeteria staff service could be better in their service.

Demetra Nikolaou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 16.10.2017

I have no complaints from anyone. Everything was excellent. With the help of all of you, my days were spent very pleasant. Especially the doctors and nursing staff were wonderful. Thank you all for the wonderful help and attention you gave me and all the love that was given to my baby. May God keep you all well.

Maria Michaelidou – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 20.10.2017 (Room 242)

Roza Spyriadou was wonderful. I hope all the new staff will follow her and become just as good as her.

Neophytos Theodoulou – (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides)

Very good staff , hospital and also very clean. Doctor was amazing and knew how to answer my every question.

Esther Anderson – (treated by Dr Dimitris Aspros) 16/09/2017

Thank you to all the staff!!!!!

Ann McKeen – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20/9/2017

Excellent Care and communication. All staff were professional, helpful and kind. Very appreciated.

Janet Zaggoulou – 5/10/2017

All nurses were so helpful and kind. Thanks a lot. Special thanks to Ilona.

Gloria Oliver – 05/10/2017

All the staff were very professional, kind & helpful.

Stefanie Georgiou – 25/09/2017

Your staff are very helpful and polite. Patients need to be informed better about the payment of their bill and the hospital policy.

Diane Imray – (treated by Dr Andreas Antoniades) 05.10.2017

You should be very proud of all your staff. They are very kind, friendly and approachable. I felt very comfortable in a strange environment and also very safe. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

Karina Kavaska – (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades)

The hospital represents a very high level as my friend told me before I came. I will strongly recommend this hotel to everybody.

Alan Milne – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Tavelis) 01/10/2017 (Room 124)

Your Ambulance service is excellent. From the quality of its services, to the waiting time to the staff’s professionalism.

Robert Edmondson – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 01/10/2017

Dr Savvas Lykoudes and all the nursing staff were EXCELLENT ********Thank you.

Anthony Clayton – (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 14/09/2017

All members of staff extremely helpful, very polite and friendly, courteous. Couldn’t be better. Dr Maria Nicolaidou was professional.

Anita Aldridge – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Tavelis) 01/10/2017

Dr Lykoudes was exceptionally helpful and brought doctors to me to explain in more detail when I felt disappointed. Suggestion: English people usually like a cup of tea soon after waking but I accept that staff may not have time due to pressure of duties.

Unfortunately I had bad reactions to a few drugs and felt depressed and disappointed. Dr Lykoudes (very professional) reassured me with consulting with other colleagues and asked a few doctors to visit me with more information. This lifted my spirits tremendously. Dr Tavelis gave me the utmost professional care which gave me so much confidence in his ability.

Isavella Savva – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 25/09/2017

All the staff were excellent. Also the nursing staff were very good.

Maureen Johnstone – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 25/09/2017

Wi Fi Reception is not very good. All staff have been very friendly and helpful.

Ann Jenkinson – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 27/09/2017

Casualty staff were all very good. As usual, very good comfort and services. Also the ward staff were good. Have no hesitation in recommending this hospital to all.

Laura Birch – (treated by Dr Kleo Gaitanaki) 23/09/2017

I have no complaints, all the staff were very helpful and looked after me with kindness and professionally. Dr Kleo was amazing, I can’t thank her enough. Kathy on the ward is a very warm and friendly lady.

Ioanna Demetriou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 22/09/2017

All the girls on the ward were very kind and helpful.

Eleni Socratous – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 18.09.2017

There are no words to express my thankfulness and satisfaction from the services I have received for all the nursing staff and doctors. Personally I would like to thank Dr Andri Evripidou for her professionalism and hel she has given me during my pregnancy. A thousand thank you to all.

Valentina Argyrou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All the nurses and midwives were excellent!!!! They give positive energy to the new mothers. It shows that they love their job, besides all the difficulties they might come across. We thank them and love them all very much. Special thanks to Milena and Ilona who were next to me throughout my difficult time in labour. Milena gave me strength and I felt safe with her by my side. Also thank you to Maria Mavrommati, because without her guidance I would have not gone through it. The mattresses could be better!!!!

Nicholas Reavley – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 14.09.2017

All of the staff have been truly amazing. Nurses Cathy, Chris (English paramedic from casualty) and Dr Papadopoulos were outstanding. Chris went above and beyond making regular visits and put me at ease.

Pantelitsa Vasiliadou – (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 21.09.2017

Thank you tall each and every staff separately for their help and friendliness. Also special thanks to Dr Evripidou for all her help.

Romena Davis – (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 18.09.2017

Dr Tourvas and Dr Aspros were wonderful. Lady in admission was very professional and efficient. All the staff on the first floor were excellent!!!

Michalis Kontides – (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 16.09.2017

I owe a big thank you to Dr Yiannis Michaelides and the nurses for all their help and professionalism throughout my stay in the hospital.

Ioanna Mylona – (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 20.09.2017 (Room 223)

The gynaecological ward staff are excellent and very helpful. They know exactly what our baby needs. They love their work, you can see it in their face. They helped me a lot. THANK YOU. Special thanks to Chryso, Chrysovalanto, Mariaelena. Some advice: Need a fridge in the rooms and also electrical beds.

Suzane Stanier – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Tavelis) 21.09.2017

Dr Tavelis was excellent. Waiting time in the casualty department before my admission was average.

Monique De Jager – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 18.09.2017

I was not greeted with a smile at the admission but my admission procedure was good and the staff assistance was also good. Dr Andri Evripidou and Maria (head nurse) were excellent. Maria came multiple times and was very friendly and informative.

When I went into the operation room, Dr Andri was also there to support me because I was afraid and crying a bit. She and another assistant nurse helped me calm down and reassured me. THANK YOU!!!

When you change drip or medicine explain to the patient what you are doing and what medicine you give. It’s nice to be informed what kind of medication you are given.

Also give a hospital kit with toothbrush and paste on the first day, not second day when I had to ask for it myself, and a towel for taking a shower. If you advice patient to take a shower, see or ask if they have everything they need.

Overall I am happy with the hospital and the staff.

Stephanie Driscoll – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides)

Wi Fi reception is average. Nurse Roza Spyriadou is wonderful – she helped so much. Dr Theo Petrides is also wonderful as always.

Filio Ourri – (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos)

I am happy from the beginning of my admission to the end of my discharge. All your staff treated me perfectly and also Dr Eraclis and Dr Papadopoulos.

Maria Efstratiou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 15.09.2017

One big thank you to the first and best doctor – Dr Michalis Chrysostomou. May God always keep him well, and Dr Andri. All the staff who were next to me, helping me, guiding me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

The paediatrician Dr Iliada, I thank her for being next to me and my princess. A big thanks to Roza who was with me till the end. Thank to everybody once again!!!!

Ian Bell – (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 14.09.2017

I give all your staff a ten star. A special mention to Dr Papadopoulos.

Georgia Tsiakkouri – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 13.09.2017

All the staff are very polite and always with a smile. Thank you and we hope you continue this excellent work that you do. Ilona and Marialena were excellent.

Jean Wright – (treated by Dr Despina Paphitou) 12.09.2017

An excellent hospital with excellent facilities, care and comfort.

Terence Blake – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)11.09.2017

All staff were very attentive at all times, cheerful and friendly.

Marina Kioyrtzidou – 08.09.2017

All the staff that was with me during my stay were helpful and all responsive to the highest level. Thank you for such a good stay in your hospital.

George Nikitas – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 07.09.2017

A big thank you to Dr Panayioti Papadopoulo and Panayioti Antonaka. I would also like to thank the nursing staff for all the help they gave me during my stay in your hospital. The mattress and pillow were very uncomfortable.

Vaso Joseph – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)

Like today, one year ago, my family went through a very difficult time, with the help of God some of our problems we overcame and others we are still struggle with.

I want to express my gratitude and give a GREAT THANKS to everyone for being by my side and especially to Dr. Savvas Lykoudes who left his surgery and his family and travelled with me to attend the surgery.

Evangelismos is my Family and I am proud to be a member of it. For each and every one of you I pray, the kindness and love you gave me to receive it in your life ten times over.

I admit that without you I would not have come through as well as I  did.

Our thanks and appreciation once again from my whole family!

Graham Lawrence – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros)

It would be helpful if my wife who was with me all night could order food from the kitchen, which of course we would have paid for. Perhaps an income generation opportunity missed. Cafeteria does not have a variety for patient guests.

Chelsey Lu-Xi Mo – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 22.08.2017

Each midwife who took care of me and my baby were EXCELLENT!!! Thank you to all of them and of course my doctor Chrysostomou and paediatrician Maria! All the best wishes!!!

Maria Irodotou – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 30.08.2017

Wi-fi signal in room was not good at all. Nurses which impressed me the most are: Chryso – Magda – Marialena

Maria Kalasidi – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 09.08.2017

Congratulations to all the doctors – nurses – administration staff  and Cleaners. THANK YOU!!!!

Marianne Giversen – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 11.09.2017

  • Chair which my boyfriend sat in for the half the day was very uncomfortable. Should be higher / more neck support.
  • Catering was very good, but would have loved more fruit and vegetables.
  • About the nurses medical services. We both understood to call the next day between 8-10, but in reality we could (and should have) have called any time during the night.
  • All in all, a very nice hospital and very nice and welcoming staff!!!

Rod Mackenzie – (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) 17.08.2017

Dr. Nicolaidou was excellent and also Kathy the nurse. Very efficient, courteous and professional.

Emma Knight – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 17.08.2017

All the staff were very friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help!!!

Maisy Hart – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 10.08.2017

The staff have all been excellent. They made a very stressful stay a lot better.

Isla Lacy Bannister – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 10.08.2017

Fantastic Service received from everyone involved in Isla’s care. Thank you.

Polimnia Nikolaou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 14.08.2017

All the nurses – midwives on the gynaecological ward were excellent and very helpful.

Russel Braodband – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 24.08.2017

All the staff who have taken care of my son on this ward have been very kind, caring and helpful. It gave us a lot of reassurance to know that he was well looked after. Thank You.

Maisie Davidson – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 30.08.2017

We have been very pleased with the care provided.

Imogen Johns – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 27.08.2017

Very well looked after. Nurses very kind to us. Imogen is Coeliac (gluten free food only) which was tricky to provide for in hospital.

Eleni Savva – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Special thanks to Dr Chrysostomou and to all his team for the services they have provided and the help they have given.

Elena Constantinou - 22.08.2017

All the staff in the whole hospital are very helpful and friendly. Always helped me immediately especially Magdalini and Chryso, who helped me the most. The doctors were excellent and gave me answers to all my questions.

George Efstathiou – (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 06.09.2017

Olga Prodromou – always smiling and ready to help with all my regrets. This woman is amazing, she put up with me and always had a smile.

Diane Mills – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 06.09.2017

All doctors and nurses were very kind and helpful. Everything was clearly explained. Only issue was too many visitors at the bed next door until 10pm, making lots of noise.

 Stephen Pooler – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)

Everybody from the moment I arrived has been extremely polite, professional and sympathetic. I’d like to thank everyone at the hospital for making me feel as comfortable as possible. Thank you all so much!!!

Thomas Gardner – (treated by Dr George Andreades) 07.09.2017

Bed Mattress uncomfortable.

Olesia – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

I feel in this hospital like home. I gave birth 2nd time. I am very happy and thank all the staff and doctors for all their support and good attention to me. Thanks a lot to my doctor Andri and my paediatrician Iliada. They are really professional. They are the best and super ladies. Rosa, Ilona and Tanya were pleasant.

Thekla Kokkinou – 07.08.2017

Without the precious help from the doctor and the hospital’s staff, I would have not been able to give birth to my baby. I thank each and every one from my heart.

Rosemarie Taylor – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 11.08.2017

The staff and doctors were wonderful. The food was exceptional and was beautifully presented and delicious.

All of the staff were brilliant.

Persefoni Ioannou – 07/08/ 2017

Everything is excellent.

Ruth Walton – (treated by Dr Despina Mavridou Paphitou) - 17/04/2017

Dr Eraclis is always lovely. All nursing staff are brilliant. TV Channels could  be better.

Sandra Walker – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) - 26/07/2017

Cannot praise the staff enough for their kindness, understanding and professionalism. Thank you. Would like to mention in particular Kathy, Joanna and Loretta. TV Channels weak.

Christina Socratous – (treated by Dr Panagiotis Tavelis) - 05/07/2018

Doctors and Nurses are PERFECT. I give 100% to all services and departments.

Thank you also to the 2 wonderful doctors: Dr Panayiotis Tavelli and Dr Despina Paphiti.

Fanos Theophanous -  (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos)

Nurses Alexandros and Despo  are very friendly and always with a smile.

Rosaleen Bell –(treated by Dr George Andreades) -  08/08/2017

Dr Andreades is extremely helpful.

Maria Neokleous – 09/08/2017

Very friendly and polite all the staff in all departments. Excellent service.

Helen Agathangelou (child Amelia) – (treated by Dr George Ioannides) - 08/08/2017

Everything excellent and all staff too, especially Kathy and  Antonis, they were very helpful.

Elizabeth Warner – (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas)

Excellent hospital and staff. A garden for the patients would be nice.

Roger Hall – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) - 04/08/2017

Staff were very good.


Lucy Bartlett – (treated by Dr Andreas Iakovides) - 08/08/2017

All staff are friendly, polite and lovely.

Pavlina Pavlou – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 04/08/2017

Chryso Rousou is polite, hospitable and always keen to help.

One of the nurses was not very polite. She was a little abrupt. She did her work well though with my baby.

All the rest of the nurses were very good at their job. Excellent attitude.

Sofia Demosthenous – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 01/08/2017

All the maternity staff were very helpful. They carried out their duties with detail and politeness.

The room and surrounding areas were very clean.


Chryso Socratous – 31/07/2017

Excellent doctors. Outpatient department nurses were very polite and supportive to me throughout my pregnancy, especially Ms Maria Moutafsi.  All the gynaecological ward staff are always smiling.

Kyriaki Leonidou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) -  31/07/2017

All the girls on the 2nd floor were very helpful and good to us.

Maria Demetriou – 30/07/2017

All the staff were helpful.

Ligia Aristotelou – (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) - 28/07/2017

All the staff were very polite and keen to help.

Andreas Mavrantoniou – (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) - 31/07/2017

Andreas Xenophontos (technician) was very friendly.  Antoni Grigoriou is one of your best nurses. Always very helpful and polite.

Maria Kallasidi – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) - 09/08/2017

Congratulations to all the doctors, nursing staff, administration staff and Cleaners. Thank you for everything

Suzana Athanasiou – 08/08/217 (Outpatient questionnaire)

Excellent  service. I want to specifically thank a nurse in the outpatient department, Moutafsi Maria.  A very special girl with a smile and polite attitude.

Antonis Panayiotakas – 08/08/2017 (Out patient questionaire)

Great staff and service and my special thanks to Mrs Maria and her staff.

Carol Sharrock – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) - 05/08/2017

Especially nice nurse was a lady with short blond hair ( night shift )

Everything was good.

Anastasia Anastasiou – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos)

Dr Papadopoulos was very friendly and a very very excellent doctor.

Androulla Christou – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) - 01/08/2017

Dr Eraclis is a wonderful doctor. All the staff were very helpful and polite.

Thekla Kokkinou – 07/08/2017

Without out the precious help of my Doctor and the staff of Evangelismos, I would not have been able to deliver my baby. I would like to thank every single staff I came across throughout my pregnancy with all my heart.

Eraclis Michael – (treated by Kleio Gaitanaki)

Thank you to all the staff who worked Friday night 04.08.2017. Excellent support and professionalism. Some of the names I remember are : Alexandros – Despo and Ioanna. Thank you!!!!

 Polimia Nicolaou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

To all the staff on the gynaecological ward, I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful services that you have offered me.

You are all wonderful and very friendly!!!! Thank you very much and keep up the wonderful smiles.

Pearl Keeble – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 03.06.2017

Dr Eraclis and his staff are excellent. Thank you so very much for all your help!!!

Maria Nearchou – 12.06.2017

All the staff were wonderful. Always with a smile to the patients and made us feel much better. A big Thank you to Dr Christos Georgiades and Dr Michalis Chrysostomou.

Michael Warren – (treated by Dr Stelios Papasavvas) 01.06.2017

All the nursing staff were excellent and professional. Always with a smile which helps recover better. Very helpful throughout. My doctor was excellent and gave me all the necessary information. Thank you to all.

Diane Ainsley – (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 16.06.2017

All the staff were very helpful, courteous and professional.

Susan Taylor – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 13.06.2017

Cathy the nurse was over and above friendly and helpful.

Patricia Mitchell – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 13.06.2017

Admission staff were excellent. All staff were excellent and very professional.

Kevin Docherty – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)

All staff were excellent and Dr Lykoudes was great throughout!!!! THANK YOU!

Christine Bingham – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 01.06.2017

Staff were very good especially Kathy on the ward, she was like a breath of fresh air!

Elena Evagorou – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 08.06.2017

I would like to thank all the staff for their help and good services they offered me throughout my stay in the hospital. Special thanks to Ilon, Milena, Magdalene, Eteri, Chrysovalanto, Chryso and Marialena!! Of Course, and  Mrs Maria was very helpful and friendly.

Maria Doukanari – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 09.06.2017

I would like to express my gratitude to our doctor (Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) as well as his medical team for the excellent services which were provided. We would also like to give a special thanks to the sister of the ward Mrs Maria for the help and support they gave us.


Paul Castron – (treated by Dr Papadopoulos) 09.06.2017

Excellent service and highly impressed with my doctor (Dr C. Papadopoulos)

Nicholas Kittis- (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 23.05.2017

All was excellent during my stay in Evangelismos Hospital. Your Nursing team and doctors are very professional.

Byron Sofokleous – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 22.05.2017

A very good hospital. Thank you very much!!!


 Petros Nicolaou – (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou)

I am very happy with everyone who I came into contact with during my stay in your hospital, especially my doctor. Thank You


Marina Rezanova – (treated by Dr George Ioannides) 20.06.2017

I would like to thank all the nursing staff who took care of me. Unfortunately I don’t know their names. Very Helpful and friendly staff.

Ourania Papavasiliou – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 20.06.2017

The services were Fantastic!! From nurses, doctors and all staff. I wish I could find people like this in more places. Food was excellent!

Andrea Stavrou – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou)14.06.2017

Almost all the nurses were helpful and friendly. The only complaint I want to specify is that a “Good morning” is from God and does not cost anything. All should be smiling and greet with a friendly “Goodmorning”. It also makes the patient feel better. (This comment is only for one specific nurse) All the rest of the staff on the gynaecological ward were wonderful.

Terry Gardner – (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 18.06.2017

The nurse Chris at the accidents and emergency department was especially helpful and very responsive.

Theodosis Solomou – 29.05.2017

I am very happy with your hospital. My only complaint was that my neighbour in the bed next to me was very noisy through the night.

John Kalaher – (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris)

I am a regular patient at this hospital and always pleased with the doctors, nurses and other staff.

Lydia Peters

Now I’m back in Munich/Germany and  I’m very glad to report to you, that I returned in good condition without any problems und without any pain.

Yesterday I went to my orthopedist Dr. Lehner to check the operated hand. He remarked several times, that Dr Petrides really did an excellent operation and that it was the best advice and decision to operate the fracture at once and not to wait till returning to Germany. Next week he will take away the threads and after that  I start with physiotherapy.

Thank you, Dr Petrides, so much for your spontaneous help and moreover I would like to express my warm thanks to your staff, who looked after me at the station of your hospital.

Alison Barbara Waite – (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 23.05.2017

Top Marks for everything!!! Thank you so much for all your help on every level. Dr Georgiades gave me confidence to go through with the operation.

Sofia Hooson – 25.05.2017

Excellent care for me and my baby. All staff are so friendly and made me feel at ease. I couldn’t fault this hospital. Thank you all here for taking the best care of me and my baby. You are all brilliant…

Marios Matheou – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou)

All staff were very polite, friendly and very helpful. Thank you for everything!!! May God be with you all and give you strength and patience to carry on.

Diedre Baxendale – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 26.05.2017

All staff were very friendly and sympathetic. They were always very courteous and always smiling. Thank you for looking after me. Dr Eraclis is friendly, kind, understanding and sympathetic.

Sophie Polyviou – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 19.05.2017

Everything was excellent and we leave the hospital with the best impression of your hospital. Clean environment and friendly staff. Thank you..

Gudru Goeckeritz – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 12.05.2017

All staff were very kind and had a lot of patience with me!!! The only thing what was missing was more English channels on TV.

 Odyseas Tavros – (Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 13.05.2017

Nurse Valentinos, Dr Eraclis and Dr Karvounaris saved my life without panicking and in a professional manner. May God be with them. Would be good to have a library in the hospital or ipads.

Gemma Plant – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 31.05.2017

All the nurses, midwives and doctors were absolutely amazing. I have never felt more comfortable and enjoyed my stay. Thanks to all involved in our miracle.

Mark Thompson – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 26.05.2017 (Room 134)

I cannot find fault or criticism of any of your staff! I felt every interaction that I was the only important person. Admission office always with a smile. Nursing staff also always smiling, they are happy, they are a credit to the hospital.

Kenneth Robert Colby – (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 15.05.2017

I would thoroughly recommend the hospital, surgical and nursing facilities in every aspect. All staff friendly and helpful.

Tracy Wadmore – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 17.05.2017

All staff were polite and friendly with professional attitude. Thank You.

Nina Tsiakkas – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 09.05.2017

All the doctors and nurses who looked after me were absolutely great. In general everything in the Gynaecological Ward was excellent.

Constantina Constantinou – (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) 07.05.2017

My stay in this hospital was fantastic. The doctor and the nurses came continuously to my room to see if I needed something or to see if I was ok.

Kathryn Lawson – 05.05.2017

All nursing staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr Georgiades and Dr Papadopoulos were extremely kind during my emotional surgery. Nurse Kathy from Hungary was very kind.

June Anne Morris – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)

My admission procedure was very good and the admission staff’s assistance was excellent. Dr Savvas Lykoudes was very good. It is a lovely hospital, like a 1st Class Hotel. Thank You.

Stavriana Lazarou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 05.05.2017

I would like to thank all the nurses, midwives and all the staff who took care of me. We leave the hospital with thanks, memories and very happy. It is the 4th time we have chosen to come deliver in your hospital. The reason we come to your hospital is for Dr Michalis Chrysostomou.

Kenneth Robert Colby – 03.05.2017

Everyone was excellent. I would thoroughly recommend this hospital to anyone who needs medical care.

Artemis Aresti – (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

The midwives were excellent, helpful and professional. Ilona – Bella – Milena are excellent.

Margaret Glazebrrok – (treated Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 16.05.2017

All the staff were friendly and helpful during my stay. Thank You. Dr Eraclis was really helpful and friendly.

Faye Breen – 19.04.2017

Amazing care!!! All Staff are a credit to the hospital. Wonderful People. Thank you for making me feel better. God Bless.

Hendrica Jager – 18.04.2017

All department’s staff are very dedicated to what they do. It would be good when serving tea or coffee to a patient and they have a visitor, to ask the visitor too.

Dora Metaxa – 26.04.2017

I would like to thank all the staff for their respect, generosity and care they have given me during my stay in your hospital.

Maj Spanberg – 26.04.2017

I have no complaints what so ever. The Evangelismos Hospital is like a 5* hotel with the same level of services from everybody! Thank you to the doctors: Dr Panayiotis Antonakas – Christoforos Stavrou – Nasser Abdallah and not their least THEIR FANTASTIC staff !!!!!!

Scott May – 24.04.2017

Dr Stavrou is a real GENTLEMAN !!!!

Stephen Wheater – 20.04.2017

I cannot fault this hospital in any way. Dr Lykoudes and all the staff were excellent. This is something you should be very proud of. THANK YOU!!! Cathy was extremely helpful.

Katerina Spyrou - 20.04.2017

Dr Lykoudes – Dr Iliada and Dr Georgiades are excellent doctors, very professional, supportive and helpful.

Xenia Matheou – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 26.04.2017

I don’t have any complaints. I would like to thank all the staff and especially Dr Nestoras who has been by my side all these months.

Mary Nabulsi - 26.04.2017

If I sat here all day. I could not find one thing to say bad about this hospital. You are a brilliant team and have enjoyed my stay from my nervous entry to leaving happy!!!Thank you all.

Valentina Christou – (treated Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

Marialena: Wonderful Midwife! She cares for her staff and her work. Thank You Marilena!!

Magdalini kai Chryso : They help us a lot with their good advice and for breastfeeding, etc. always willing to help.

Xenia and Chrysovalanto: They took good care of our children.

Teri, Milena and Bella: Stable Value. Wonderful, full of love and always smiling.

Ilona & Maria: Together with the above girls IS THE REASON WHY WE HAVE COME TO THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN!!

Together with the doctors, we had a beautiful experience!!!


Tatiana Papounidou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 04.05.2017

Excellent staff….Bravo!!!

Andy Tuck – (treated by Dr Lykoudes) 04.05.2017

All the staff were excellent for everything!!! Dr Savvas Lykoudes is excellent and very professional. Accidents and Emergency department was also friendly and helpful.

John Bath – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 19.04.2017

For patients who are lying flat it would be useful to offer bendy straws with their water. All the staff are excellent!! Chris in particular was exceptional!!!

Terry Gardner – 17.04.2017

All the staff were very helpful. TV System was left on Russian channel and no one showed me how to change it. (I found out by mistake). Nurses should show the patient a few working details in the rooms at admission.

David Gandy – (Treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 05.04.2017

Nursing staff are all very caring. Would definitely use this hospital again. Thank You!

Faye Breen – 19.04.2017

Amazing care all staff are a credit to the hospital wonderful people. Thank you for making me feel better. God Bless.

Stephen Wheater – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20.04.2017

I cannot fault this hospital in any way. Dr Lykoudes was excellent. Something to be very proud of in your hospital. Cathy and all the staff on the ward was extremely helpful. Thank You!!!

Milena Korosidou – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 21.04.2017

Thank you for all your support.

Liz Hinchy – 23.04.2017

Bag of toiletries is very helpful especially if you are emergency admission. Thank You.

Anna Spyrou –(Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 24.04.2017

Irene Avgousti and Maria Moutafsi from the outpatient dept are excellent!!! Doctor Philippos is also wonderful.

Robert Dickie – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 21.04.2017

Dr Petrides is very friendly and also professional supportive.

Katerina Spyrou – 20.04.2017

All the doctors and nurses were very helpful, supportive and professional. Dr Lykoudes and Dr Georgiades were wonderful.

Jeni Rosoga – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Remarkable and special all the staff. Thank you very much to all of them, especially Maria, Bella, Loudmila and Eteri.

Barbara Harris – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 29.03.2017

All the staff are excellent. I could not give them more praise. Dr Lykoudes is the most fantastic doctor who has put me at ease and he did a wonderful job. I would recommend the doctor and the hospital to everyone.

Ian Streeter – 02.04.2017

I would recommend this hospital to any of my contacts who require medical help. They are excellent and especially Chris from the Accidents and Emergency Department, who was very professional and calming.

Chille Domenico – 28.03.2017

15 Years as a team Building Engineer and Customer Care. I noticed and appreciated all the nursing staff and they worked efficiently all together, and the atmosphere they created is a relief for the patient.

Susan Mack – 03.04.2017

Every person I have come into contact with, be it a doctor, nurse, admin or cleaner have been wonderful. All professional with a smile and what I call great bedside manner. Thanks for making a not-so-nice experience be a surprisingly nice experience.

 Adrian Evans – 04.04.2017

All the nurses / doctors were very helpful at a difficult time. Choice of food would have been helpful to cater for taste.

 Anthony Arch – 06.04.2017

This is the 2nd time I’ve used this hospital in 12 months. I am impressed with the dedication, professionalism and helpful staff who have cared for me during my stay. The only suggestion I have concerns the TV Channels, these are very limited for non-Greek speaking patients!

Toby and Fiona Fletcher – (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou)

Dr Evripidou – thank you for being so caring and prompt in your help. Most nurses have also been very kind and helpful – in particular one lady who was overnight (short, yellow – blond hair) my son found her very kind. Thank you.

Richard Grimwood – 05.04.2017 (Room 134)

Very good hospital, all staff excellent!!!

Irene Palla – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Dr Andri Evripidou was very helpful. The midwives were very good.

Julia Mina – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 17.03.2017

All the staff are very helpful and kind. Dr Aspros was very caring and kept me informed of all procedures.

Jean Webb – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 14.03.2017

Food was excellent but far too much – so much goes to waste. A sandwich for one meal would be sufficient. Staff are excellent.

George Convey – (treated by Dr Despina Paphitou) 14.03.2017

Thank you for looking after me and for the excellent treatment I have received from all nursing staff and all the doctors. Dr Eraclis at casualty also gave me very caring treatement.

Agne Zinonos – 16.03.2017

Mrs Ilona is very helpful and very well mannered. The bed was very uncomfortable.

 Trevor Charlton – (treated by Dr Stelios Karvounaris) 17.03.2017

Room could do with an internet TV Box to provide more channels.

 Marios Yiannoukou – (treated by  Dr Antoniou )18.03.2017

All the nursing staff were excellent. Well Done. Keep it up. Thank you for everything.

Agni Adamou – (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 24.03.2017

Excellent Doctor and Staff!!!!

Deborah Ioakim – (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 14.03.2017

Dr Eraclis was very kind, considerate, trustworthy  and utterly professional. You need more choice for English channels on your TV.

Ann Jenkinson – (treated by Dr Kleo Gaitanaki) 09.03.2017

All the staff gave the best treatment I have ever had. Special mention to Nurse Kathy. Need more English channels on TV.

Lee Anne Raw – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 12.03.2017

Staff was fantastic. Dr Lykoudes attended to me after 10pm on Sunday Evening. Felt he was concerned and looked after me. I am very grateful also to the Accident and Emergency staff.

Sophie Antoniou – (treated by Dr Maria Antonaka Paschalidou) 06.03.2017 (Room 150)

The door should be fixed so that it closes quietly. Also people entering the room should check if baby is sleeping before they start shouting or talking loud.

Mark Thompson – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 28.02.2017

Accidents and Emergency Department were excellent. This stay in hospital has been a good experience from a patient care point of view. From Surgeon to domestic staff, everyone has been happy and attentive. I heard some patients were difficult during the night but the staff have been amazing. Kathy and Elena make the world light up!!! Zoe has been caring form me more than the others and is brilliant!!!!

Maria Constantinou – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 25.02.2017

All the staff on the ward were excellent. My Gynaecologist Dr Nestoras Michael was wonderful. Thank you all very much.

Michel Miller – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas)

You have BRILLIANT staff!!!

Christine Baldwin – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 26.02.2017

Excellent Service from all departments. Nursing staff very cheerful. Some could maybe use a little help speaking English, because  don’t speak Greek and there were time we could not communicate.

Sandra Williams – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 25.02.2017

Everything and everyone were so helpful. Can highly recommend your hospital. All Staff members are excellent!!!

Sofia Spyrou – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 03.03.2017

One big thank you to all the staff members of Evangelismos Hospital, from Doctors to Nurses to Admissions to Cleaners. During all your pain, you feel the staff supporting you, helping you and taking care of you with the best possible way they can. Abog thank you to Dr Andri Evrpidou, I love her and respect her very much. I do not have much experience with your hospital in Paphos, but I can say that your medical centre in Polis Chrysochou is the best thing for Polis. Your staff and doctor are excellent, always respond immediately and very professional. (I was head receptionist at Zening Hotel)

Maria Koniari – (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 03.03.2017

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the staff on the gynaecological ward for the taking such good care of me and my baby. I decided to come have my 2nd baby here, because I knew what good service I would receive. You are all in my heart and I will see you again for my 3rd pregnancy. Dr Nestoras , you know how much I love you…

John Daws – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 24.02.2017

All the staff have been excellent in the way I’ve been looked after. From the top sisters to the cleaners have been wonderful. So incoraging in my welfair. I cant thank you all enough. Cathy was excellent.

Christine Marsh – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 16.02.2017

Thank You very much for taking such good care of me. The staff were so kind and highly professional. From admission to leaving the hospital my experience at Evangelismos hospital was the very best it could be. The pleasant , friendly staff, especially the Nursing staff made me feel reassured and well cared for. They obviously do everything possible to ensure that your health and well-being are looked after .e.g. they gave me epidural anaesthesia in the interests of what was best for me and nurses constantly check on pain relief etc. Professor Lykoudes is a top notch Orthopaedic surgeon to whom I am extremely grateful. Result? I have healed quickly and feel great! Thank you Evangelismos team.

Nina Akopian – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 06.02.2017

Thank you so much to everybody for the wonderful service from all the staff. They were all very friendly.

Michael Pruce – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou)12.02.2017 - 14.02.2017 (Room 132)

All staff were caring and helpful.

Paul Richard Tuson- (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides)08.02.2017

Always 1st class treatment at Evangelismos Hospital. Dr Michaelides and his team are excellent.

David Gandy – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 06.02.2017 (Room 124)

Mattress Uncomfortable. All member of the staff were exceptionally good – But a special thanks to Katia, Anna, Irene, Naira, Olga and Antonis.

Chrisovalantis Lambrou – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 02.02.2017

Special thanks to Elena, Antonis and Anna.

Despo Nikolaou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 28.01.2017 (Room 222)

The nurses were all very good.

 Eleni Alexiou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 20.01.2017

We were very happy with everything. A big thank you to our doctor, Dr Michalis Chrysostomou. All the nursing staff were very good especially Maria Moutafsi who accompanied me to the operating theatre, after my request, which was after she had finished her shift and was ready to go home. She stayed with me throughout my delivery. Thank you!!!

Antonia Theodosiou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 29.01.2017

I was very happy with the gynaecological ward. All the girls were excellent and very helpful. Well Done for all your hard work.

Laura Smith – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 29.01.2016 (Room 140)

The best bit of this hospital is your staff. They are amazing, caring and recognise the fact that you are in pain. Physiotherapy was great. Dr Petrides is the best consultant I have ever met after 25 years in the UK – NHS. The admission staff were also very good. One criticism is the bathrooms need upgrading, apart from that everything was excellent.


Norma Parkhouse Georgiou – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 26.01.2017

My daughter tried to call on the hospital’s telephone number from the UK and could not get through (25.01.2017 night). It’s important for the nurses to inform the patient to tell loved ones there is a direct contact number 26848 + room number. Many patients have relatives abroad and they like to ring on a regular basis to speak to their loved ones.

The vanity bag with toiletries was very useful as I came into the hospital without mine. The staff at the casualty department were excellent. Dr Aspros and the surgeon were wonderful. Roxanna was helpful and all her nursing staff.

Markella Paraskeva – (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 23.01.2017

From the beginning to the end the staff and doctors have been simply amazing. Our daughter was very sick and they did everything perfectly to get her better. Thank you to all the staff. Dr Evripidou was fantastic. Olga and Despo were especially kind.

Clare Crook – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 14.01.2017

All of the staff at the hospital were exceptional. They looked after me very well. Brilliant Service from the start to the end. Many thanks to Dr Antonakas and all the staff for putting me at ease throughout the process.

Jacqueline Parrish – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 13.01.2017

The care my wife received was truly wonderful. I cannot praise all the staff high enough. The nurse who was super-efficient, I think her name is Kathy from Hungary.

David Young – (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 09.01.2017

Thank you for all the excellent care and attention.

Rena Charalambidou – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

All the nursing staff were excellent. Thank you so much!!!

Maria Kyriakou – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 09.01.2016

All the staff were excellent!!! Always ready to help and to listen to our needs. Very professional. One big THANK YOU to Dr Philippos Constantinou and his nursing team for taking care of me so well. Overall he is a person with a big heart and very professional.

Kyriaki Michaelidou – (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

I would like to thank my doctor Chrysostomou for the most expensive and precious gift which he given me. Our daughter Styliani was the first baby of 2017 in Evangelismos Hospital. I would like to mention that Ms Roza and Ms Magdalini yesterday evening till the morning they were both by my side. One big thank you to everyone.

Kathryn Johnson – (treated by Dr Akis Christodoulides)

I found all the staff on all levels, pleasant and caring. Did their best to make me comfortable. I can’t single no one out as they were all so nice to me.

Susan Broughton – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 31.12.2016

Hospitals are not the best place to be, but Evangelismos is a good hospital with good people and that makes the patients happy. Everyone is very professional and attentive. They are a happy team, which makes for a good environment.

David Lewis - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades)20.12.2016

All staff were very helpful and attentive.

Susan Mack – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 21.12.2016

Eteri from Georgia was great!!!Everyone who saw me was fabulous. Makes the whole process easier and more bearable. Thank You.

David Shore – (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 23.12.2016

Improve Wi Fi speed / capacity. Add sky News International to TV stations. (I think it’s free). Provide USB Charging port (Yes I use lots of device!!!) Merry Christmas to all.

Ifigenia Panayiotou – (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 22.12.2016

I am very, very happy with all the staff and also the food. It was like I was in a hotel. All staff are excellent. May they always have health and a smile on their face. Look after your staff!!!

John Malpas – (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 27.12.2016

Nursing staff have been outstanding. Extremely polite, caring and friendly. Surgeon Savvas Lykoudes was excellent…

Verena Boss – (treated by  Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All staff was very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased.

Elena Lavrova - (treated by Dr Andreas Eleftheriades) 16.12.2016

Hospital Staff is very caring, I had no problems with all my needs, I would like to thank all the personnel in the hospital that I have met.

Fiona Van Buuren - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 17.12.2016

Nursing was excellent especially Cathy who helped when I was upset through the night. Dr Papadopoulos has been fantastic and really helped by taking the time to listen.

Maria Hadjikyriakou  - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 10.12.2016

All the staff were very kind, polite and always willing to help. Thank you for everything!!!

Mrs Maria Mavrommati is the best of the team. Excellent in her work, very helpful and professional.

Elena Nikolaou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 16.12.2016

For me it would have been very helpful if we had a plastic or steel triangle above our bed to be able to hold on it and lift ourselves up better. All your staff are very unique!!!

Verena Boss - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All staff was very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased.

Ivi Flevotoma – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 11.12.2016

Need to change your mattresses on your beds and room maintenance.  (Room 244)

Fiona Van Buuren – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 02.12.2016

A longer bed for tall people is needed. Midwife Tania was always there with a smile and of course Dr Andri who made a positive experience.

Milana Erkgisidou – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Everything was excellent. Bella was very friendly!!! I hope all your staff are like Bella Zafiri.

Katerina Kareva – (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 05.12.2016

The BEST hospital!!!!!!!Thank You.

Christina Artemi – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

Dr Philippos Constantinou and his team on the gynaecological ward were amazing. Thank you all!!

Kleri Ioannou – (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

Perfect confrontation from the midwives. Polite, friendly, helpful and always with a smile. They looked after me and my new-born with the best possible way. I thank them all.

Klaus Bielitz – (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 12.12.2016

The care and treatment were excellent in your hospital. Friendly, reassuring doctors and nursing staff.

Pamela Webb – (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 09.12.2016

The plumbing needs some serious attention. All the staff are extremely nice.

Arestis Hatzipolydorou – (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 03.12.2016

I would like to thank all the staff who helped me in some way or the other, especially Antoni and Elena in the ICU.

Jean Wright – (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 06.12.2016

Care of all the staff was the highest level. Attention of staff was excellent. Room and cleaning of room was very good. Doctor’s care was excellent.  I thank all the staff for their care and kindness during my stay in the hospital.

Sylvia Pearce – (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 03.12.2016

We would just like to give every member of your staff a very big thank you for the fantastic treatment and care that I have received. VERY, VERY PROFESSIONAL. Thank you all!!!

Paul Ellis – (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 01.12.2016

Everything was very good. Thank You!!! Kathy, Despo and Zoya were excellent..

Paul Farr – (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 01.12.2016

From start to finish, excellent service was given. Thank you to all staff for putting up with a difficult patient. All staff were first class.

Diane Roberts – (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 25.11.2016

From the time I arrived to leaving I have received excellent care and attention, from the doctors to nursing staff. Thank You.

Patient Email


I was a patient in your hospital from 5th december, under the expert care of Dr Petrides and wanted to write to thank you for running an excellent business.

There are some exceptional people on your staff, including olga and the nursing staff on the first floor. Dr Petrides is a rare man; a top surgeon with a huge empathy for his patient. I valued his expertise as much as his great care towards me as a person. He is amazing!

Christiana, the Pr manager, is very pleasant and warm - which is a huge help to patients too.

I would also like to note that I watched your finance manager, a great young man, handle a very tricky patient complaint over a missing engagement ring, with patience and dignity. Turned out the patient had the ring all along but your team member was incredibly gracious and professional despite being in the midst of a horrible complaint!

You should be very proud of your team!

One happy patient


Lynn Bell

Jeffrey Bates - (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 29.11.2016

All your staff are very helpful and happy.

Nikoletta Kashouli - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 20.11.2016

The staff are very helpful. They helped me tremendously during my delivery and showed me how to care for my baby. I have no complaints at all. Thank you.

Barbara Mochan - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 28.11.2016

Dr Theodosis is an exemplary practitioner, very professional, thorough and kind. He is a credit to you Hospital Team. You staff were very caring and considerate. Most of your staff understand and speak English very well (Kathy in particular) which is a great benefit to us (not being able to speak your language). All nursing and casualty staff were wonderful.

Petra Shroder - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 22.11.2016

All was SUPERB!!!!!!

Catherine Renshaw - (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 12.11.2016

All the staff have been wonderful, day and night. Very pleasant, friendly people. Thank you so much!!

Sandra Lavova - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 15.11.2016

Very happy with the staff. Nurses were very professional and dedicated to their job. Maria M and Ilona exceeded our expectations.

Glenda Chillman - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 17.11.2016

Staff are excellent. Made my stay very pleasant and caring. Thank you all very much for your kindness. Maria – Ilona – Tania – Anna

Jodie Page - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 17.11.2016

All the staff are very professional and helpful and always answer any questions that I had.

Carolina Kyprianou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 11.11.2016

It would be helpful if you could be more strict with your visiting hours because it is very tiring for patients who are sick or operated on. Also new mother find it difficult to spend time with their new-born if they have visitors continuously. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful service you have provided to me.

Walter Kalin - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 14.11.2016

Kathy and Olga were wonderful.

Donna Cartwright - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 16.11.2016

Having never been in a hospital outside the UK. I was filled with trepidation about being admitted, please let me assure you that my feelings were immediately put to rest by the friendly staff, clean communal areas and rooms, along with the well balanced and tasty food. We feel all the staff do an excellent job, however nurse Cathy made us feel very comfortable and was very nice. Thank You.

Pamela Fitzgibbons - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 17.11.2016

Your nurse Kathy is magnificent.

Irina Raenko - (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 18.11.2016

The medical staff were very professional and helpful. Your nurses Olga Prodromou, Olga Kuznetsova, Naira Hadjidou, Elvira Igantiou.

Christina Philippou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 25.11.2016

Everything was excellent – service, friendliness, quick response, etc…

Jayne Peel - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 25.11.2016

A very big thank you to all members of staff for their kindness and efficiency shown to me during my stay. They are all fantastic especially Cathy.

Anne Dunn - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 27.10.2016

I cannot find fault with any of the services of the hospital. Everyone without exception has been fantastic and so friendly, respectful and helpful. Also very professional and polite. I cannot speak highly enough of ALL concerned on my treatment and recovery. Amazing Accidents and Emergency Department. Thank you so much.

Carol Spiegel - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 10.11.2016

All staff gave superb treatment, especially Dr Maria Nicolaidou and Cathy.

Christine Daws - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 10.11.2016

All the staff are excellent at the care they always showed me, on my unexpected stay here. I found Dr Maria Nicolaidou exceptional. Dr Theo Petrides is always 10/10.

Kim Dooley - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 10.11.2016 (Room 128)

All of your staff are genuine healing angels. Their care and attention to detail is professional, empathic and nurturing. I thank them all with gratitude and love. All staff exceeded my expectations.

Maria Theophanous - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 08.11.2016

All the nursing staff were excellent. The one which I found most professional was the head of the ward, Mrs Maria, for her smile, understanding and politeness.

John Bath - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 07.11.2016


Dawn Phillips - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 06.11.2016

Excellent treatment throughout my stay. All staff have been professional and friendly. Nothing has been too much trouble.

Eleni Aristodemou Hadjimitsi - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 05.11.2016

Keep up the good work and the good standard. Dr Georgiades is very professional and he is a doctor which all hospitals should be lucky to have. All staff were excellent.

Angela Neophytou - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 04.11.2016


Elizabeth Kutnar - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 01.11.2016

Dr Lykoudes is an excellent doctor and tried to keep help me in my painful situation. I am grateful for his patience and professional help. Nurses Ilona and Maria were excellent.

Ivi Flevotoma - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 01.11.2016

The mattress on the bed is very hard.

Styliana Spirou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 02.11.2016

All is excellent!!! We are leaving very happy with the services offered in your hospital. All the staff are very helpful and kind.

Constantina Charlambous - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 03.11.2016

ALL IS PERFECT!!!!!! The best team EVER!!

John Bath - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou)  01.11.2016

From first arrival……….

  • Looked after extremely well

  • Kept updated with progress and diagnosis

  • Nothing too much trouble to ask for

  • All staff excellent

  • 10/10


Christine Campbell - (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) 31.10.2016

An excellent hospital….the doctors and staff gave me very good care. Highly Recommended. Food portions were a little too large for someone post- op. Kathy the nurse always understood the patient’s needs – she is a credit to your hospital..

Keith Brown - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 31.10.2016

All staff very good, very friendly and helpful. Dr Lykoudes very caring, informative and cheerful.

Eleana Adamidou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 29.10.2016

We are very happy with all you staff. Thank you!!!

Dora Gray - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

All the staff were very good and friendly. Dr Phillipos Constantinou made me feel comfortable and easy to talk to.

Email from Patient

To all on General Ward and Accident and Emergency Department

Thank you all so much for taking great care of me when I was admitted to your hospital last week with a huge haematoma. The care I received from each and every one of you was amazing and I am sincerely  grateful and deeply indebted to you all. Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes

Anne Dunn

Email from Patient

Dear Evangelismos team, 

Barbara and I want to let you know that we returned safely home yesterday and we want to  thank all of you and the whole admissions and nursing team for the care you provided over these last 10 days. You seem to have a very professional and caring organisation there and we felt comfortable and confident in your hands. 

 Many thanks again, 


Koulla Efstathiou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 24.10.2016

Everything was excellent. All staff were wonderful.

Evalie Lockard - (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 24.10.2016

All staff, with exception of one nurse, were excellent.

Jade Anastasiou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 14.10.2016

All staff were excellent. Thank you for making our birth experience so great.

George Athanasiou        - (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) 22.10.2016

It would be good if the head nurse of the ward would visit the patients at least once to welcome them to her ward. Louka and Katalin were excellent.

Alireza Golestanen - (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 23.10.2016

Everything was excellent. Katelin was excellent and very helpful.

Evita Papaconstantinou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Everything was perfect!!!! Your hospital is like a 5* Hotel with wonderful staff and excellent behavior.

Zoe Efstathiou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 18.10.2016

It would be good to consider having births in water. Very satisfied with all the staff, nurses and midwives. Always helpful whenever needed.

Sarawoti Poudel - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 18.10.2016

Sometimes it is a little complicated to understand the non-english speaking nurses. Thank you all for your lovely services.

Andri Pachiti - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 18.10.2016

The whole attitude, service, friendliness and professionalism from the staff was excellent!

Lionel Waygoo - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 14.10.2016

The care given by my doctor and all the nursing staff has been excellent. The nurses have been very kind and attentive. Dr Petrides has been very supportive.

Florenzos Kyriakou - (treated by Dr George Ioannides) 12.10.2016

It would be good if all the staff could were name tags, so we know who we are talking to.

Raymond Cackett - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 13.10.2016

Excellent surgical skills and nursing care. Very Happy with the services. Most wonderful staff members are Kathy and Loukas.

Rosemary Panayiotou - (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 19.10.2016

Kathy exceeded my expectations. All the staff are very helpful and hospitable. Very caring.

Susan Ioannou  - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 18.10.2016

One big thank you to everyone!!!! A big thank you to my doctor and to Mrs Maria and her nurses who worked Sunday night and Monday Morning. Always take care of your patients as you did me. THANK YOU!!

Maria Stylianou - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 16.10.2016

Thanks to the medical staff and the non-medical staff. Patience and continue this excellent service.

Jaxon Hughes - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou)

We were really pleased with all the nurses and doctors throughout our stay, they have been outstanding.

Graham Snellins - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 17.10.2016 (room 122)

Excellent care from the examination in casualty department , to the nursing staff on the ward, who were very professional and considerate. Dr Georgiou clearly has very high standards which is reflected in his work. I cannot find fault in anything. The room was clean and the food was fine.

One small issue was the smell from the shower drain in the bathroom.

Athina Athinodorou - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 09.10.2016

I would like to thank all the staff of Evangelismos for the professionalism and friendliness that they offer us! All are excellent!! All the nurses and midwives on the 2nd floor were wonderful with me but also with my baby.

Pat Chapman - (treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 09.10.2016

I felt really well looked after from the minute I arrived. Delivery of food was varied – some staff would help you, but a few would just dump the tray and left. Dr Aspros was excellent!

Janine Saaf - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 28.09.2016

For me it’s my first time that I am in this hospital and I am very pleased. Thank you all!!

Chara Tavrou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 28.09.2016

Having given birth at the hospital in 2002 and 2005, I would like to express my appreciation to all the staff, Dr Nestoras and nurses and Mrs Maria

They are all professional, medical, friendly and I would , without hesitation recommend the hospital.

Panayiota Sofroniou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 30.09.2016

We’re very pleased with the whole experience and very thankful. Staff professionalism and care were at their best at all times. We feel that everyone made a great effort to keep it a great experience, from the nursery nurses and the doctors. Thank you all very much! We will miss you.

Dudley Steel - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 04.10.2016

All staff good at their jobs and very helpful, thanks to all of you.

Sylvia Ogden - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 04.10.2016

Best hospital I have ever been in every respect. I have in the past been in the LONDON CLINIC, WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL, LONDON. Surgery and care exceptional. ALL staff was wonderful,  but particularly ELENI and KATHY.

Janke Nield - (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 04.10.2016

All staff and doctors were excellent!!!! Kathy was exceptionally good. Thank you.

Stanley Lamb - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 1/10/2016

I came to have my left knee renewed by implant having had the left one done in England 8 years ago. The Evangelismos Hospital can be proud of ALL of its staff who work with skill and compassion. Dr Savvas Lykoudes was excellent and he clearly is a first class surgeon and has a wonderful team.

Angela Brown - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 24.09.2016

Staff and Surgeons are SUPERB!!!!! I will miss their smiley faces every day. Katerina always so pleasant!

James Wilson - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 28.09.2016

Excellent service, nurses very patient and nice. Helena is very good!!!Thank you!

Charoulla Polydorou - (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) 29.09.2016

The visitors should not be allowed to walk in the corridors and speak loud or on their telephone.

Iasi Telemachou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 02.10.2016

Staff very helpful, and their relationship with the patient is excellent. Mrs Roza, Mrs Terry, Loudmila and Chryso were lovely.

Stavroula Constantinou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 03.10.2016

Nursing staff on the gynaecological ward for the 4 days was very good, hospitable and ready to solve all our queries. Even the newest staff showed confidence in how to handle situations with me and my baby. The only thing which could be improved, is the number of visitors to each visitor, especially in double rooms.

Dorreen Watson - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 11.10.2016

Food portions were a bit overwhelming for me. All nurses were very good. Nurse Cathy and Dr Papadopoulos were excellent!!!

Charles Murrat Stuart - (treated by Dr Stelios Karvounaris) 29.09.2016

As former Chairman of a major NHS Hospital Group in London (Hammersmith Hospitals) earlier in my life – Deputy Chairman of the Audit Commission in UK, responsible for the audit of England and Wales Hospitals – and therefore personally inspecting some hospitals - I found this hospital to a high level of excellence during my short stay. If I have to pick one quality of this hospital, it would be the commitment of its people, their skills and empathy with patients. Too many “STARS”.

Raphaela Argyrou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 21.09.2016

All the staff were excellent. Thank You all so much for everything. I would like to give a special thanks to Dr Chrysostomou for everything he has offered me and my baby. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Ronald Airey - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 27.09.2016

I cannot praise all the staff and doctors high enough. Dr Stavrou deserves an increase in his salary. He is patient, wise and excellent.

Maria Tobin - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 27.09.2016

Dr Pavlos Georgiou and the nurse who’s birthday is today, from Hungary, were excellent.

Bridget Duffy - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20.09.2016

Nurse Naira, Olga and Olga were very good.

Christopher Fulton - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 21.09.2016

All staff were great. Very happy with the care I was given at Evangelismos. Thank You!!!

Oxana Kolomeits - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 19.09.2016

Everything was perfect. We enjoyed being here. Maybe if it was possible to separate the “mom’s to be” when they have contractions and inducement of labour from the rest of the ward – would be more comfortable for those who are having pains before delivery. (Only husbands allowed)

NB: To management – all the staff is perfect, make salaries higher. They make the hospital’s standard high.

Andri Andreou  - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

I would like to thank my doctor Dr Andri Evripidou and her nurses for all the help and wonderful services you have provided to me and my children the last 4 years.

Elina Papadopoulou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 19.09.2016

Very good behaviour with the patient …..Wonderful atmosphere and in the surgery. k Maria, k Roza are excellent!!!!

Eva Benkova - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 23.09.2016

Excellent help from the ladies below. We would like to thank them for the support and guidance. GREAT TEAM. Special thanks to Dr Philippos Constantinou.

Elena Theofanous - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

SUPER THANKS. We felt like we were in a hotel! Perfect food! The staff are excellent and very friendly.

Constantina Christodoulou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 19.09.2016

Everything was excellent. The rooms are very clean and the staff is excellent. Thank you all!!!

George Skelton - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 26.09.2016

Disappointed with the TV choice – NO MOVIES! Hungarian nurse (sorry don’t know her name) was exceptional, all the other nurses were very good too.

Email from a patient

Dear sirs

My husband was admitted to your hospital as an emergency for severe anemia. Subsequently during investigations by a fantastic team it was discovered that he has a bleed in his stomach. We cannot express our thanks for the professionalism shown by the doctors and nursing staff on floor one. We are aware that this will be something that needs carefully treating but have the utmost confidence in t he team taking care of Mike.
Thank you
Lynne Jones

Susan Broughton - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 22.09.2016

All the staff were very good, pleasant, smiling and very helpful.

Tim Thompson - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos) 22.09.2016

The staff were all excellent. Very Professional.

Christopher Fulton - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 21.09.2016

Very happy with the care given at Evangelismos. All the staff are great. Thank You.

Erasmia Demetriou - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 19.09.2016

All the staff with whom I have into contact with were excellent. Always willing to help. It is a treasure for your hospital and for a mother. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mila Scott - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 19.09.2016

Every single member of your staff were excellent.

Nathalie Feyt - (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 17.09.2016

Thank you sincerely for everything you have done, you are great and I won’t  forget your kindness to all. Thanks again. (Nathalie from France)

Galina Cirlig - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

I want to give a big thanks for everything to Dr Andri Evripidou and her whole team.

Maria Demetriou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 17.09.2016

The rooms and bathrooms could be renovated and renewed. The fact that there was a chair that becomes a bed in the room was very good. All the staff (nurses and others) were very kind and helpful. Thank you for everything.

Cassandra Kafizas - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 13.09.2016

I was thoroughly impressed with the care I received. All the staff were friendly, helpful and always there when needed. They made me and my husband  feel very comfortable. The nurses were also excellent with my baby. They have made this experience so much more memorable for us. Everybody was amazing!!!

Post card from a patient:

Dear Nurses

Thank You so much for the wonderful care I have received. It could have been frightening being in a hospital abroad but your excellent care made it easy.

I’ll always appreciate and remember this time and your kindness .

With love and best wishes


Post card from a patient:

To all doctors, nurses and staff

Thank You for my care with my cellulitis. I was in the hospital from Sunday 21.08.2016 till 25.08.2016. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I was well looked after and am resting at home this week.

Many, Many Thanks

Colin Johnston, Karen and Freda xxxxxxxxxx

Adele Boyce - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 10.09.2016

Excellent experience beginning to end. Staff can’t do enough for you and very helpful.

Margaret Kalman - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

The rooms are very nice and the staff are very helpful.

Jodie Page - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 10.09.2016

All was very well and the staff come many times to check everything is ok. The food is good and the room is clean.

Richard Anderson - (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 10.09.2016

All staff that I came across were excellent. Very re-assuring when you are in a foreign country and not well. Loukas was very friendly and a pleasant gentleman.

Patricia Yates - (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 11.09.2016

Excellent care and attention from Dr Papadopoulos. Also from the nursing staff, some of who I didn’t know their name, were very good. Loukas in particular was very efficient and kind.

Joseph Snow - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 08.09.2016

Dr Karvounaris is very efficient, thorough and patient!

Kim Dooley - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 07.09.2016

The level of care and professionalism. Patient and understanding is second to none. I really appreciate Dr Georgiades expertise and Dr Eraclis in casualty for the time committed to me. ALL of your nursing staff are a credit to your hospital. Kathy and Eleonora are special and treat. All of your nursing staff are a credit to nursing and your hospital. Gratitude!

Marian Borodins - (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 07.09.2016

Thank You very much for your professionalism.

Andriana Savva - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 06.09.2016

The nurses were very helpful and always willing to help the patients. They helped me very much through my delivery. Magdalini was excellent, professional and helpful. Thank you to all.

Thekla Ioannou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 05.09.2016

No Comments!!!!!! All was perfect. All staff are excellent, one better than the other..

Maria Tombazos - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 14.09.2016

I would like to thank ALL the staff from the bottom of my heart. I admire and respect all your hard work. Take care of yourselves so that you can take care of us. We need you!!!!

Kim Dooley - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 01.09.2016

The staff are the best and WOW to the casualty department. Excellent Housekeeping.

Raymond Stewart - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 02.09.2016

Very Impressed by everything and everyone. All the nursing and medical staff have been wonderful. Housekeeping too!!!

Peter Heard - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 31.08.2016

Excellent all round service. Prompt – Attentive - Polite. Everything explained fully and clearly. All the staff without exception were excellent and caring. Thank You!!!

Dorothy Woodburn - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 27.08.2016

Nursing staff were excellent. Very efficient and friendly. Best wishes to you all.

Colin Johnston - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 25.08.2016

My doctor Antonakas was very good, great care and had very good treatment. The food was excellent. Rooms were well kept, especially the bathroom. I am grateful for everybody’s help, from the medical centre in Peyia to the Evangelismos Hospital in Paphos. All the staff are very caring and considerate. Thank you for my care. I really appreciate it.

Elisheva Friedman - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 26.08.2016

I was looked after very well, from the moment of arrival until the moment I am leaving. Very impressed with all and appreciate everything. Thank you very much.

Charoula Psalta - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 25.08.2016

All the services I received were excellent. Excellent Midwives! Thank you to all.

Viktoria Bulanovaite - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 22.08.2016

All services were excellent. Brilliant nurses. Thank you for all.

Benjamin Reid - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 23.08.2016

Thank you for your professionalism. Your kind and understanding way you have treated me. Everyone at Evangelismos are Magnificent in all they do. Good luck for the future.

Jonathan Doughty - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 19.08.2016

A very well run hospital, staffed with excellent people. The most efficient and friendly treatment I have ever had anywhere. All staff were excellent – very, very good care and service. BRILLIANT!!!!

Daniel Eccleshare - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20.08.2016

Very happy with the surgery carried out. ALL in ALL a good experience. Nurse Loukas is superb, kind, thoughtful, considerate and has a caring manner. Katalin also helped out magnificently, with kindness and understanding of patient needs.

Miriam Lea Malka - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 21.08.2016

All services were very good, also the personnel, room and the food.

Yiota Charalambous  - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Excellent Service, Excellent medical staff. All the nurses are very good, they are by your side whenever you need them. I would like to thank all the midwives especially Magdalene who gave excellent care to my new born. She has helped me tremendously, from breastfeeding to baby care.

Thomas Buchan - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 13.08.2016

All was good. All the staff are excellent, polite and professional.

Nicola Peel - (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) 19.06.2016

Dr Maria Nicolaidou and the nurse Chris (A&E) were wonderful.

Harry Babb - (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 14.08.2016

Since arriving on Friday midday 12th August, I can only say that the treatment and care has been excellent!!! At no time did I feel uncomfortable or concerned. Also the treatment and tests have been very thorough, which has given me a great deal of comfort. Also all members of staff have been great including the nurses. My critical point would be the food, not quite as good as I have expected. Thank you!!!

Zachary Horton - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 04.08.2016

Wonderful nursing staff, so kind and caring. Doctor was very thorough. Would like to give our thanks to the doctor at Peyia Clinic who saved our baby from choking. You are an amazing hospital.  All the nurses especially Cathy here at the hospital.

Thekla Stavrinou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

The nursery should not be near the patient’s rooms, everyone stands outside and makes a noise.

Ekaterina Boukesheva - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 06/08/2016

Thank you to all the staff, they made me feel at home!!! Perfect food, very tasty!! THE BEST HOSPITAL!!

Michelle Crack - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 10.08.2016

I found the surgeon amazing, he put me at ease. Thank you to all the team from x-ray to admissions, to reception , surgery, ambulance driver to nurses on the ward, especially Loukas!!!! He was always very kind and helpful and was always summoned by the other nurses. Now I can go enjoy my holiday. BIG, BIG Thank you to Dr Savvas .

Orestis Zacharia - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 09.08.2016

The kindness and professionalism of the whole hospital was exceptional. According to our experience, Evangelismos Hospital is a role model of healthcare facility with a main goal, the best provisions of healthcare service for Cyprus.

Jean Francois Dehomel - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 10.08.2016

Everything was done with professionalism. Loukas and Cathy were excellent.

Jamie Smith - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 10.08.2016

A very, very BIG THANK you to everyone who helped me. Dr Antoniou was the BEST I could ever ask for, in every way possible. Nurse Zoi and Loukas were very nice and helpful. Gave me strength.

Collin Webster - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 15.07.2016

Please add more english TV programms. Nurse Kathy exceeded my expectations.

Robert Sowten - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 20.07.2016

All doctors and nurses very helpful and polite. Thank You.

Anastasios Constantinou - (treated by Dr Andreas Eleftheriades) 15.07.2016

Excellent service from all the staff.

Andre Franke Locke - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 16.07.2016

The best care ever. Thank you so much!!!

Jones Graham - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 17.07.2016

Everything perfect!!! Both doctors and all team involved !!!

Panayiota Cordier - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 17.07.2016

Excellent staff members. Everyone to the “T” was exceptionally friendly and helpful. It’s not about money, it’s about the service you provide. You can’t beat that. Dr Maria Nikolaidou and Dr Michaelides were very helpful and friendly. I send my blessings to you all. Xxxxx

Costas Kleanthous - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 15.07.2016

The staff of Evangelismos are excellent. Friendly and helpful, from the cleaning staff to the administration to the nursing staff.

Brian Yates - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 18.07.2016

Just a one night stay for observation: The many tests I was given were very professional and caring from all the staff and Dr Nicolaidou.

Deborah Young - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 18.07.2016

All staff members exceeded all expectations.

Andri Solonos - 18.07.2016

I would like to express my thanks to all the staff on the Gynaecological ward. The midwives were exceptionally helpful and kind. I was given a lot of attention too during breastfeeding, they are all very patient. Thank you so much!!

Evgenia Giavanoglou - (Dr Nestoras Michael)

I appreciate the help from the midwives. Always happy to help any time we need them.

Georgia Papioannou - (Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

Thank you very much for everything. You are all wonderful!! May God give you strength to help everyone in need.

Themis Kounnas - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 08.07.2016

All the staff have been wonderful especially Mrs Maria. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the good service and support.

June Murphy - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 09.07.2016

The care I received could not have been better from admissions to discharge. The care has been fantastic, everybody has been kind and caring. Have been made to feel at the centre of their care and nothing was too much trouble. Everybody from specialists to the cleaners have done an excellent job. Thank you very much. Katelyn and Irene have both gone over and above anything I received. They are fantastic, especially Katlyn who runs the place fantastic too. She has the makings of a fantastic Nurse Manager. Loukas is also very good and has a good sense of humour.

Nana Karagasidou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 10.07.2016

The staff is always ready to help in anything we need with always a smile and makes you feel at home. Thank you to all the staff from cleaners to admissions to nurses. You have a wonderful team. I will definitely recommend your hospital to friends.

Collin Evans - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 08.07.2016

The standard of care I received was way above any reasonable expectations. I find it hard to credit that Dr Lykoudes was able to undertake my surgery by the keyhole method and for that I am very grateful. I have had 5 previous surgeries under general anaesthesia and each time I suffered badly. This time I came round feeling well for the first time ever. All your staff work as a great team. Dr Lykoudes and the anaesthetist were amazing.

Hazel Mary Blainey - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 10.07.2016

All the staff were caring and professional. Thank you so much for the wonderful care.

Brenda Clifton - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 08.07.2016

Without exception, the staff were professional, efficient and always kind and cheerful. Dr Christos was fantastic!!!! I want to thank all the staff for their wonderful services.

Diana Glyki - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All the staff work very hard, they are polite, kind and helpful. They treat you with dignity and care. I thank them all. Dr Chrysostomou is an excellent doctor. Top Doctor. Everyone was wonderful. Many thanks to Dr Andri Evripidou too.

David Hunt - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)12.07.2016

All staff were excellent, big hearts and very caring.

Andre Franke Locke - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 13.07.2016

The best I could have had anywhere in Europe. Big Thanks to Cathy and ALL!!!! Housekeeping is excellent!!!

Stephen Owen - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides and Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 13.06.2016

The care I have received from coming into the hospital, from the excellent ambulance staff, to the A&E staff, x-ray staff, admissions office, the doctors that treated me and all the nursing team have been second to none. Their tireless work on getting me back to being well has been gratefully appreciated. Love to them all. Dr Pavlos Georgiou and Dr Theodosis Petrides were excellent. Every member of the staff have exceeded my expectations. Once again A VERY BIG THANK YOU XX

Alexia Vlachou - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

The staff were perfect!! Specially Maria during the delivery. Without her it would not be the same. All the nurses offered their assistance and Ilona specially during one night when my breasts got enlarged. Thank You!!!

Everiti Pelikka - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 03/07/2016

One of the most experienced nurses was great! Her name was in Hungarian (Katerina) or something like that. Special thanks to her.

Margaret Butler - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 07/07/2016

All staff were excellent. Thank You!!!

Ian Thomas Burke - (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 07/07/2016

Thank you for everything. Dr Yiannis very professional.

Louise Leahy - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 07/07/2016

All the staff are excellent especially the boys.

Panikos Moisi - (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) 05/07/2016

Thank You for everything. All of your staff are perfect. An amazing group of people.

Andrena Barker - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 05/07/2016

Everyone has been really good, could not say anything wrong about this hospital. I have recommended it to other people I know. TOP MARKS FOR A TOP HOSPITAL, especially Dr Pavlos. All nurses were good but one nurse Cathy, has been excellent,  would go an extra mile for the patient. Thank You!!

Eirina Aristodemou - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 05/07/2016

Thank you so much!! Thanks for all very much for all your help.

Maria Theodosiou - (Treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 24/06/2016

All the staff were very helpful and kind

Isabel Blacker - (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous)

I couldn’t recommend this hospital more! It is amazing. From the moment I walked in I was treated with the up most dignity, respect and kindness. At all times I was told, if I needed anything to call a nurse, nothing was too much trouble. All of the nursing staff made me feel cared for and safe. The doctor was warm and engaging (not like England). I was spoken to in English, so I knew at all times what was happening to me. Thank you for making me better and holding my hand through a difficult time. All were fabulous.

Angelika Barabanova - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 19.06.2016

It was an excellent experience to be treated in Evangelismos Hospital. All staff, all organisation of treatment exceeded all my expectations. I cannot find a word to express my deep thanks to Dr Savvas Lykoudes. He is a God of Surgery!!!! My English is poor to express my thanks. With best wishes and a lot of thanks. Dr of Medical Sciences – Angelika Barabanova.

Veronica Lee - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 21.06.2016

Thank you very, very much for everything, made me feel comfortable and took good care of me and my baby. Very understanding.

Maria Onisiforou - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 22.06.2016 (Room 244)

Many Thanks to all nursing staff and especially to Mrs. Maria Mavromatti for all the help she provided!!!!

Geoffrey Whyham - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 07.06.2016

All was very good. Nursing Staff Poor.

Christine Daws - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 17.06.2016

All nursing Staff very caring and friendly and approachable. Nothing too much trouble for any of them. Lovely Team.

Anna Lehscsenko - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 15.06.2016

Thank you all for your wonderful services that you offer. A big thanks to Dr Pavlos for his professionalism.

Dr Christopher Challenger - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 08.06.2016

I had an appointment with Dr Karvounaris for an ultrasound examination for my heart, following diagnosis of high blood pressure. This revealed serious problems which were further clarified by a stress test, leading to my transfer to ICU whilst awaiting transfer to Limassol for further treatment. Dr Karvounaris worked efficiently and professionally to ensure that  I received lifesaving treatment.  He accompanied me to Limassol in the ambulance whilst arranging for back up medical facilities in Nicosia if I required heart by-pass surgery. Following an angiogram and angioplasty in Limassol we returned to Evangelismos ICU. In a little over 12 hours my potentially life threatening coronary condition had been diagnosed and the appropriate treatment carried out.

Many thanks to all the medical staff for their excellent care and consideration during a difficult day for all of us. Many thanks to Dr Karvounaris who ensured that I would receive the necessary treatment within the day. Also Elena, the nurse who cared for me in ICU and on the ambulance transfer to and from Limassol and also nurse Olga who looked after me overnight on my return.

William Joseph - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 11.06.2016

I have nothing but praise for Evangelismos Hospital. The hospital is kept very clean by the cleaning staff. The nursing staff are better than good. Nothing is a problem for them, they always have a smile for their patient. They are professional and caring. Although I had an operation, it was a pleasure to stay at your hospital. Dr Petrides was outstanding. All the staff on the 1st floor exceeded my expectations (K. Belaidi – A. Grygoriou – El. Aristotel – Loukas Kosmas – Zoi Pavlidou – Anna Demetriadou – Irene Paraskeva – Olga Prodromou – Eleo Tsandekidou – Elvira Ignati – Naira Hadjidou – Olga Koytsnie)

Susan Collis - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 14.06.2016

All the staff were professional and gave me excellent care. Name tags and title on all staff would be helpful. Many Thanks.

Lee Anne Raw - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 14.06.2016

The staff were all fantastic.

Denise Connely - (treated by Dr Neophytos Zambas) 14.06.2016

I have been looked after extremely well with both concern and compassionately. I was very nervous and all the nurses and doctors did nothing but assure me and did their work efficiently and confidentially. I would not hesitate to recommend this hospital. Thank you for making my procedure as pleasant as it could be.

Sarah Jayne Pile - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 11.06.2016

Thank you everyone for all the help and medical care over the past 24 hours. Everything and everyone were excellent, from admissions to housekeeping to nursing to doctors.

Markella Vasiliou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 11.06.2016

All nursing staff was very helpful. Always smiling despite the hours and work pressure. They helped us a lot from the beginning. The food is very good. It does not give the feeling of a hospital.

Maro Kokkinou - (treated by Dr Akis Christodoulides)

You are the only hospital we trust in full because you fulfill all requirements in all departments. If i am asked to judge you, Perfect is not enough! All nursing staff is excellent and i can not describe how helpful and willing they are and how good they explained everything to my family. Thank you very much

Stephan Kennard- Brown - (treated by Dr Despina Paphitou) 08.06.2016

Could not fault the treatment I received. Thank You for looking after me so well! 1ST CLASS.

Panikos Moisis - (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah ) 03.06.2016

And once again I find myself thanking your doctors and staff. Each and every one of them is a CREDIT to your hospital. Thank you so much for all your help!!!!

Tatiana Couton - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 06.05.2016

One more time I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Antonakas! Thank you for all your support and it was absolute honour to meet this doctor for me and my son. Dr Antonakas is a real expert and very good person. Thank You so much!!! And also I would like to express my gratitude to ALL nurses. Thank you for your help and support. Your work is very important and you do it well. Thank you very much!!!

Paraskevi Kleanthous - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 07.06.2016

I would like to thank all nursing staff from gynecological ward from Evangelismos Hospital in Paphos. From my pregnancy`s begin everybody was kind and helpful to me and my baby. Special thanks to Mrs. Maria Mavromatti, the head nurse, for her attention and professionalism in all phases of my pregnancy and delivery. Many thanks also to Mrs. Roza for her professionalism and care after my panic incident during my stay. You are all excellent and professional. Congratulations for your everything and keep up the good work.

Demetra Mitsiani - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Mpekri`s family wants to thank you fro the bottom of our heart for your services and kindness of all doctors and nursing staff. Many thanks also for your dedication and smile. You will always be a benchmark for our family and baby which came alive among you.

Kyriazi Ioanna Constantina - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 05.06.2016

Many thanks to my doctor Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou who fought with me till the end for a normal delivery despite the final procedure we had to use. Many thanks also to all doctors who helped me in my difficult times. I also want to thank all nursing staff, exceptional people and always willing to help. A big thank you also to my pediatrician Dr. Theodoros Athinodorou for his excellent work.

Peter Frost  - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 02.06.2016

Staff were very helpful. Tried to explain everything in English. Very happy with the service.

Panayiota Charalambous - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Very good and pleasant environment. Very clean rooms. Excellent nursing staff.

Efi Gavriel - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

We are very pleased with the nursing staff care and doctors for our baby and us.

Patricia Adair - (treated by Dr Nasser Abdalah) 30.05.2016

I could not have asked for better care and kindness from the moment I entered the hospital, feeling very unwell. The staff and doctors have shown their concern and helped me to get better. I feel it is like coming home because I have been so many times. Thank you all so much. All the staff have been delightful and also welcome you with a smile. Dr Nasser has been outstanding with his care and has been by my side at every treatment supervising it.


Janet Mitchell - (treated by Savvas Lykoudes) 31.05.2016

All doctors and nurses were very helpful and kind taking care of me.

Alireza Golestanen - (treated by Yiannis Michaelides) 30.05.2016

They are all fully devoted to their job  and try their best to perfection. It is difficult to name just one as they are all excellent.

Alla Khalil - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

All the names I am mentioning represent the most kind, friendly, helpful, smiley staff I’ve ever dealt with. I loved the positive energy they always gave 24 hours! They explain and give details for every step they had to do, which gave comfort to me and calmed me down. I thank you all very much and wish you the best. God bless you all.

Maria – Milena – Tania – Ilona – Nadya – Bella – Loudmila – Roza – Xenia – Eteri – Eleni – Anna – Konstantina – Irene

Housekeeping staff – Catering Staff

Dr Andri Evripidou – Dr Iliada Evripidou – Dr Andreas Savva – Dr Phillipos – Dr Chrysostomou

I hope I didn’t forget anyone!

Thank You!!!

Panikos Moisis - (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) 27.05.2016

I would like to thank all your staff, they are the best, kind, caring, considerate and always smiling after tolerating bad patients like me. The care I have received has been faultless, the best. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

David Fellows - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 23.05.2016

All the staff were helpful and caring. Dr Christoforos Stavrou was very good at diagnosing a serious problem I had.

Linda Anne Vickery - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 24.05.2016

From entering Accidents and Emergency, the service and care I received has been very good, and through my operation and after. All the nursing staff have been very patient and attentive. Of course a special thank you to the surgeons Dr Christos Georgiades and Dr Michalis Chrysostomou.

Martin Lenk - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 25.05.2016

Excellent and friendly staff. Thank You.

Lesley Stuttle - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 27.05.2016

Excellent service and staff. Thank You.

Anthony Anthistle - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 28.05.2016

Staff have all been very friendly professional and helpful. Thank you for looking after me so well. Both doctors and nurse (Kathy) were excellent.

Henrick Fredricksen - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 29.05.2016

Special Thanks to Dr Lykoudes for his excellent job and excellent approach. Staff was very helpful at our disposal at any given time. The nurses that impressed me were Elena Aristotelous and Olga Kuznetsova.

George Turton - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 23.05.2016

All staff Excellent!

John Breen - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 21.05.2016

Even from my previous admissions, over the last 18 months, standards at the hospital have improved so much. From the admissions, catering and above all else the care provided by the nursing staff is second to none. Great strides have been made improving the hospital in general! As always Dr Petrides has been greatly appreciated. He is a credit to the hospital.

Katerina Ioannou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

I am very please dwith all nursing staff.

Julian Buckland - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20.05.2016

A big thank you to all the staff for your expert attention. All were excellent.

Millie Zitouni - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 20.05.2016 (from Australia)

Thank You so much for making our stay comfortable. It can be quite scary to go to hospital in another country, but the nurses were wonderful. Big thank you to Dr Konnaris for being very friendly, gentle and caring with Millie.

Leif Burrows - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 18.05.2016

All departments were excellent from Admissions to Nurses to Housekeeping. I found my stay to be very comfortable and all staff extremely helpful and friendly. All staff who dealt with me were highly professional especially Anna D. who was fantastic and cheerful.

Chryso Polykarpou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

All nursing staff was excellent. Thank you for your devotion. Mrs Maria Mavromatti was excellent.

Leah Yonke - (treated by Dr Neophytos Zambas) 17.05.2016

Everything and Everybody were very good. Happy !!!!!

Theodora Tsinga - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 18.05.2016

Everything was excellent. PERFECT!!!!!

Xenia Andreou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Everything was great. Thank you very much.

Androula Platonos - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 14.05.2016

All nursing staff was excellent.

Lily Anna Mavrommati - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 10.05.2016

All the staff were extremely helpful, friendly and caring. I suggest that the staff who smoke, should always wash their hands after smoking and avoid close contact with a patient, especially a baby with respiratory problems, like our case, for at least 15 minutes after smoking.

Louka Taylor - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 07.05.2016

Everyone has been very kind and friendly. All staff have been so good especially Louka, who was amazing.

Sylvia O Hare - (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 08.05.2016

All your staff were excellent. Thank You.

Graham Stirman - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 07.05.2016

All the staff are exceptional. The cardiologist, Dr Stelios has  contributed to extending my life span.

Robbert Haggarty  - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 09.05.2016

All staff were excellent, very helpful and attentive. A very nice hospital and would recommend it to others. Dr Karvounaris is a gentleman and very nice doctor.

Marina Shachpazova - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Many thanks for the great treatment and care i received from all nursing staff. Special thanks to my doctors Dr. Nestoras Michael & Dr. Kakogianni for everything they did for me.

Patricia Haughey - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) (28.03.2016 –04.04.2016) & (06.04.2016 - 11.04.2016)

Nursing staff excellent and very friendly. They made me feel comfortable and made my stay a lot easier, especially Kathy, Constantinos, Eleni and Eleonora.

Yiannis Zinonos - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 08.04.2016

The nursing staff was flawless. Constantinos & Loukas were especially good

Imogen Stacey  - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 10.04.2016

We were pleased that there is staff that communicate in English. Dr Iliada was lovely, Cathy was wonderful.

Skye Watt - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 15.04.2016 – Room 136

All staff were very pleasant and gave excellent service.

Brian John Thompson - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 16.04.2016

Very kind staff and attentive to me at all times. Thank you very much.

Brenda Clifton - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 29.03.2016

All the staff were friendly and smiled a lot – always comforting when a little nervous. Some called me “My Dear” which sounded so English!!!!  Was not in for long but the night nurse was so tolerant about my demands for a bedpan! Laughing even in the middle of the night is quite an achievement.

Fiona Dean - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 24.03.2016

All staff are very good especially Kathy. She is very helpful and caring.

Roy Newman (patient wrote a letter)

Dear Sister and Nursing Staff on 1st floor.

I was a patient on your Intensive Care / General Ward from the 16th March till the 23rd March 2016. I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the compassionate and heartfelt care I had while I was in hospital. Nothing was too much trouble for any of you. Suffering a heart attack and falling ill so suddenly, was a huge shock. Thank goodness all of you found the time to reassure me with your words of encouragements if I needed it. With unending gratitude!!

Anne Coulston - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 01.04.2016

All the staff were great. Thank You. Doctor took time to explain everything to me. Nursing staff very caring and Admission Office extremely understanding, helpful and efficient. All staff exceptional. Thank You.

Daniel Andrea De Jager - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 03.04.2016

We would like to thank all the staff for all your professional service in helping our son get better. Your service was of high expectations. Thank You.

Anthony Arch - (treated by Dr Costas Papadopoulos) 25.03.2016

Nursing care exceeded my expectations having not been an inpatient since I was 7 years old, all staff have been friendly, caring and professional in the care before the operation and afterwards on the ward. Would like to thank all the staff and wish them a Happy Easter!

Dora Wood  - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 28.03.2016

Would like to thank all who cared for me. KATHY, Eleonora, Zoe, LUCAS, ANTONIS, DIONYSIS

Luanna Caskey  - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 25.03.2016

The hospital is very quiet at night time which makes it easy to rest. The breakfast could have a fruit or fruit juice in it too. The Doctor’s explanations were very good and I appreciated his approach to my situation. He always asked for my input in making decisions about treatment plan and discharge. The nurses answer the call bell promptly and with genuine concern. I am a volunteer in another hospital so I have some opportunity for observation there. I found the staff of Evangelismos much more engaged. I would definitely return here again if needed.

Emilien Couton - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 25.03.2016

Thank you very much!!! A big thanks for Dr Iliada and for her professional care. Thanks to ALL the staff and the nurses, they make their work excellent!!!

Savvas Hadjikyriakou - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 25.03.2016

All staff excellent especially Loukas. Dr Iliada is also a very good  doctor.

Vriona Theodosiou  - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Every midwife was excellent. They do their work perfect. Specially the older midwifes (Ilona, Eteri, Roxa, Bella and Nadja in my opinion are working very hard and make the patient feel very good. I hope they get rewarded for this. Also the nursing staff in Peyia Medical Centre was excellent. Everyone was polite and very helpful.

Androula Theodorou - (treated by Dr Charalambos Kampouris) 26.03.2016

The whole nursing team in the first floor was excellent and very professional! Special thanks to Loukas Kosma and Dionisis for taking good care of my mother!!!

Sahiba Mann  - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 17/03/2016

We are very satisfied with the care we received for our little girl during her stay in your hospital. Thank You!

Moritz Menzel - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 20/03/2016

Thank you for all your good care during my stay and for the birthday cake.

Carol McAlister - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 18/03/2016

The hospital facilities of Evangelismos, I found outstanding. The expertise of doctors and nursing staff and their professional approach and attitudes to my clinical and personal requirements is of a very high standard. I am truly impressed, especially with Dr Karvounaris – and truly thankful to the staff for their proficient and kind administration especially towards my “thin veins”. I just dread needle insertions – but they all made the exercise an easy experience. Overall Excellent Service !!!! I’m ALIVE!

Panayiota Hadjiathansi - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou )

I am very happy with the nursing staff, my personal doctor and the pediatrician. I would like to point out the visiting hours to be more strict.

Christoforos Tilemachou - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 20/03/2016

It`s a perfect Hospital with excellent doctors and nursing staff.

Anastasia Varonina - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Thank you all!!! Thank you for your support. Only one wish – When I come for my next delivery (no. 5), hope you’ll give me discount !!

Colin Price - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 23/03/2016

All the staff that came in contact with me are of very high quality and standard. Friendly and always willing to help. Thank you!!!

Richard James Daly - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 4/03/2016

Thank you all so very much for the wonderful care, treatment, kindness and attention to detail. All the staff have given me first class attention for which I am considerably grateful for. My doctor, all the nurses, the admission staff and supportive staff have and continue to do a wonderful job and I believe I am lucky to come to a fantastic hospital. My heartfelt thanks to you all. Dr Karvounaris is excellent!!!!

Maria Michaelidou - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 04/03/2016

I felt very comfortable with nurse Antonis Grygoriou. All the staff were very friendly.

Stella Papasavva - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 15/03/2016

Everything was perfect. Special thanks to Mrs. Maria Mavromatti and Mrs. Mylona who visited us every day and in the holidays.

Charoula Kariolemou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Very special care from nursing staff. Well done. Thu nurses are very polite.

Elizaveta Rudakova - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Thank you very much for being very kind and always with the best attention. For answering all the questions, for being polite and caring. Felt like I was with family. Thank you all for your professionalism and very human attention and support.

Elena Neophytou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Many thanks for everything

Viki Ivanova - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

I am very pleased with the nursing staff from Evangelismos Hospital and Dr, Andri my personal doctor. All nurses were very polite and professional. They help us 24 hours a day and we realized a lot of things right from the beginning. It is very very important to have staff that speaks your language. Thank you very much for love you showed to me.
God bless you

Natalia Izman - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

I am very pleased with all nursing staff and my treating Doctor Mr. Michalis Chrysostomou. Thank you very much.

Jane Lowe - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 11/03/2016

All the staff were exceptional. I was well cared for and all my needs met day and night. Thank you to all.

Cindy Lee Hyde - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 05/03/2016

Loved the way Elena and Cathy introduced themselves by name on the first meeting. Made it more personal and friendly. But all the staff were lovely and could not do enough for you.

Peter Mutch - (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 12/03/2016

The doctors and nursing staff were excellent. Very professional, caring and calm. Special thanks also to nurse Eleni for her caring and wonderful attitude.

Wendy Watkins - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 13/03/2016

I have received excellent medical and nursing treatment during my stay at the hospital and room was kept very clean. Dr Karvounaris – exceptional and very friendly, which made me feel a lot better. A female nurse (sorry did not get her name – blond streaked hair) and a male nurse (sorry do not know his name) were both excellent and efficient at taking my blood sample – which were difficult to do!

Tamara Smith (sent a card to the hospital)

For the team on duty Thursday 10/03/2016. Thank you to the 2 nurses / medics (Zinnonos and Savvides) and the doctor (Theodora) who helped me. You all did a wonderful job. I should know as I am a nurse in an accident and emergency department in London. I am already much better, thanks to you.

Christina Stavrou - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

We are very pleased with all nursing staff!!!

Mary Georgiades - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 02.03.2016

Thank you ALL for your service, care and love. All of you were amazing!!! Naira and Cathy were the most attentive but all were great.

John Earle - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 02.03.2016

I am a very satisfied customer / patient. All staff are friendly, professional and are a good team.

Stephanie Driscoll - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides)

Constantinos, Olga and Katlin were so very kind to me and caring. The nurses generally were excellent. Dr Pertides was excellent.

Carole Tosland - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 26.02.2016

A wonderful hospital with lovely doctors and nurses. All nursing staff have been excellent, very kind and gentle.

Elena Selifontieva - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Thank you very much for your attention and kindness. I appreciate the patience of everyone and well cared for.

Olesia Vasheka - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Thanks a lot to everybody, very good and professional doctors in the hospital. All staff are very polite, professional and careful. I felt like home, this is very important. Thanks nursing staff, they care about baby, so kind , so attentive. I will recommend Evangelismos Hospital to all my friend. It’s worth it! Thanks a lot to my doctor Andri Evripidou and my paediatrician Iliada Evripidou. You are the best. Thanks so much for the good service and excellent equipment in the hospital.

Georgia Georgiadou - (treated by Andreas Eleftheriades) 25.02.2016

All nursing staff was especially friendly and always willing to help!

Angela Charilaou - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 29.02.2016

All nursing staff was excellent, polite and very helpful. I was most in touch with Dr Lykoudes and Loukas (Nurse).

Maureen King - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 27.02.2016

Most caring and well looked after. All were wonderful. To doctor Christoforos Stavrou – I really appreciate your care during my illness.

Katy Docherty - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 23/02/2016

Staff have been lovely and helpful all day!!!!!

Dzanni Popova - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrsysostomou)

We are very pleased, everything went very well. Many thanks for everything and continue the great work you provide!!!

Anastasia Charalambous - (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

All nursing staff in the gynecological department was excellent. Every nurse was very helpful and polite. I am very pleased!!!

Tone Aaberg - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 22/02/2016

Thank you all for taking good of me! Keep smiling and continue your important work and remember, patients are worried and afraid. Sorry that I was a little negative in the beginning, I was in the unknown and felt really bad. Dr Pavlos Georgiou was excellent!! Elena and the “boys” were also wonderful.

Marietta Karghotis - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Very friendly and very good all of the staff!!! Thanks xxxx

Heather Smith - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 20/02/2016

Excellent care all round. First Class hospital with very caring nurses and an amazing surgeon.

Kalomira Zinonos - (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

Everything was great! A big thank you to the nursing staff

Glenys Bond - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 12/02/2016

My stay in the hospital was very good. The staff were excellent and looked after me very well. Food was good and variable. Staff were polite.

Veselina Spikova  - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 13/02/2016

Thanks a lot for the good services you offered me and my baby and all the good staff who helped me to deliver my first baby. All nursery staff were excellent. They have been very good with me and explained to me everything I need to know about my baby. Big thanks to doctor Dr Andri Evripidou and doctor Iliada Evripidou. Thanks a lot Evangelismos Hospital.

Phillipos Christodoulou- (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 12/2/2016

All nursing staff was excellent. Well done

Theopisti Popova - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 11/02/2016

I would like to thank all nursing team. Everything was great!!!

Maria Nicolaou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

All gynecological ward till the surgery staff were excellent. The midwifes make you feel like you belong to their family. I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart.

Yang Fang - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 17/02/2016

Everybody was excellent and we really appreciate it! Thanks!!

Valentina Christou - (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou)

Take very good care of your staff. That is why we come here. Everybody was excellent!!!

Pauline Moore - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 09/02/2016

Very well looked after by all the members of staff. Thank you very much.

Niki Panayiotidou - (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 03/02/2016

All staff very helpful and caring at all times!!! Special Thanks to all and especially Loukas..

Maria Rutzerfeld - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 02/02/2016

Special thanks to Elena, Kathy and Loukas.

Kyriaki Alouz  - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 08/02/2016

Everything was excellent and the service too. Especially Loukas, Antonis and Dionisis

William Herring - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 06/02/2016

I would like to say how good I have been treated. I cannot mention any of the staff by name, they were all good at what they did and all know their job.  10* Hospital. The only person I can mention is Dr Karvounaris, who is a very caring doctor and has helped me in sorting out a transfer to Polis Hospital and my illness. Thank You very much.

Ken Mulligan - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 30.01.2016

All of the staff went out of their way with their care. Would recommend this hospital to my friends.

Eoghan Morgan - (treated by Stylianos Karvounaris) 29.01.2016

Overall my very sincere thanks to all. All the staff deserve special mention. Their dedication to patients care is excellent and caring. Likewise the paramedics are equally as professional. They all helped me greatly.

John Rowlands - (Treated by Theodosis Petrides) 28.01.2016

Excellent healthcare – surgery perfect, aftercare also could not be better. Discharged 1 day earlier than expected after 1st class care and attention. Very grateful to all concerned.

John Brian Dickson - (Treated by Stylianos Karvounaris) 01.02.2016

All very helful and kind.

Natasa Demetriou - (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) 26.01.2016

The staff and doctors were excellent, thank you for taking good care of me!!

Miles Mckinley - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 26.01.2016

All excellent!!!!

Vladimir Ustinov and Olga Ustinova - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 27.01.2016

Olga Kouznetsova is super!!!! Naira and the lady from the cafeteria (Finikoula) were also very kind. Thanks to all the staff for their care.

Patricia Ruth - (treated by Dr Neophytos Zambas) 26.01.2016

All staff extremely helpful and re-assuring. No complaints at all. DOCTOR ESPECIALLY GOOD.

Graham Lawrence - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 21.01.2016

It has been clear that EVERYONE works together as a team so it would not be right to single out one person specifically. Thank You!

Pauline Dickson  - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 24.01.2016

All staff have been very kind and attentive. Thank You all.

Jamie Sembach Madsen - (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 22.01.2016

As always a pleasant experience. Thanks.

Riaan Joubert - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 25.01.2015

All services excellent! WOW!!! Dr Savvas Lykoudes and his team were EXCELLENT, we cannot find fault in anything that they have done for my husband. We want to thank all the staff from cleaners, cafeteria, nurses to administration that were involved in the care of my husband. Thank You to Xanthoula who referred us to this hospital from the general hospital. Dr Lykoudes thank you once again.

Malcom Press  - (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 25.01.2016

A great hospital, good staff and doctors. Nurses were great. Well done to all. Well done to the kitchen staff too, good food and hot. Dr Nicolaidou is a great doctor.

Constantina Christodoulou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 25.01.2016

Very good communication and friendly nurses on the gynaecological ward. Thank You.

Iryna Ftyts - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 25.01.2016

The nurses were very good and served me very well. The food was very good. The hospital is great. Dr Andri Evripidou and Roza Spyriadou were excellent.

Natasa Anastasiou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 24.01.2016

There are no complains. We are very pleased with all the nursing staff and services we used. Thank you very much.

Afendra Kalotheou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 25.01.2016

Everything excellent. Like a five star hotel

Pamela Miller - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 18/01/2016

We found all the staff exceptional, making a very difficult time manageable. The care and attention was of the highest standards. All the nurses in the ward are fantastic – amazing persons. My Dr Andri was outstanding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Margaret White - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 16/01/2016

Excellent care from all the staff and great doctors.

Laura Smith - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 16/01/2016

Your staff are amazing. From the cleaners to nurses to doctors. The bathroom was a bit shabby. The new TV stations excellent. I worked in NHS for 25 years so I do know great staff when I see it. Dr Petrides was my favourite.

Valentinos Ioannou - (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 19/12/2015

A big thank you to all nurses on duty in the night of 18/12 – your care of personal attention was excellent!!

Margarit Frost Bidges - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 13/1/2016

Everything satisfactory would recommend Evangelismos Hospital to anyone requiring treatment without reservation.

Kathleen Mary Brocking - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas)

Had very good treatment from all at the hospital. Very polite, caring to the patients. Thank you all so much. God Bless you all for the work you do.

David Henderson - (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 11/01/2016

All excellent.

Gail Flynn - (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 14/01/2016

I was made to feel very comfortable and cared for very well by all hospital staff.

Margaret Dunphy - (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 14/01/2016

All staff were excellent and made me feel very comfortable and confident with their care.

Miles McKinley  - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 13/01/2016

Everything was excellent!!

Pamela Hilda Webb - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 12/01/2016 (Room 124)

I found all the staff at the Evangelismos extremely nice. Only the TV needs programming.

Elizabeth Cleneland - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 03/01/2016

All staff very kind and helpful, mainly Konstantinos, Kathy, Naira.

Marina Loukaidou - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Very helpful stuff. Clean premises. It`s the third time we are visiting your hospital and each time is better. Thank you very much

Rodoula Pitrou - (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

All nursing and hospital staff was excellent. I am very pleased and they made me feel very comfortable. Food is great also. Room was very clean. I would like to have spend a little more time in the room with my baby.

Mary Kathleen Crawford - treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes (13/12/2015)

Thank You to all the staff!!!!  Meal portions too large for Mary but the food was very good.

Lorna Fulton -  treated by Dr Christos Georgiades (21/12/2015)

Found all of the staff to be very caring and professional.

Emma Yianni - treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou (04/12/2015)

Polite and professional service, from admissions who took me up to my room and the also efficient and professional service from the gynecological nursing staff. The anesthetist was attentive and professional. Post – Operative care was excellent. I am very pleased. Thank You.

Anta Gogou - treated by Dr Nestoras Michael

All staff in the gynecological ward was great. Special thanks to Mrs. Maria who was next to me while in surgery.

Georgeta Toma - treated by Dr Andri Evripidou

Every Service and support is excellent. Its like a hotel

Androula Ioannou - treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou

A big thank you to all the doctors and to Dr. Chrysostomou, also to the nursing staff and the whole hospital personnel.

Linda Scott - treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides (15/12/2015)

This is my 3rd time staying in the hospital. The improvement in the friendliness, care and manner of the WHOLE staff is phenomenol!!! Kind, helpful and very welcoming. It is very encouraging to be looked after in a clean and organised place. All the staff are to be congratulated and thanked. Many Thanks..

Edward Lysakov - (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 01/12/2015

I am not the first time in your hospital and always admire the staff performance.

Marika Martinis - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 10/12/2015

Thank You for such good service. I have only good words. The doctors are amazing and so caring. I am absolutely amazed at the staff of this hospital. So helpful, willing and caring.

Andri Charalambous - (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 29/11/2015

Many thanks to everybody because i do not want to forget anyone. They provided the care i needed. Thank you very much.

Christos Sokratous - (treated by Dr George Ioannides) 02/12/2015

I want t o thank all the nursing staff and especially Dr. George F. Ioannides. I wish you happy holidays!!!

Christos Christou - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 10/12/2015

Everybody was excellent

William Blyth - (treated by Dr Panayotis Antonakas) 28.11.2015

Catering was satisfactory except the soup served after surgery. All members of staff we had contact with have been pleasant, friendly and very helpful. Would have no hesitation recommending the hospital. Thank You all..

Irena Smith - (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 27.11.2015

With many thanks to all staff (doctors and nurses and clerical). They are the best. Irena’s care has been first class.

Christia Christodoulou  - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Everything was very good. Many thanks for taking care of me! May god bless you!

Lyudmyla Vysochenko  - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

I stayed for five days, i did not have any problems, the service was very good. Every nurse knows her job. I am pleased.

Mash Bashiskly - (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 22/11/2015 (room 134)

Thanks to the hospital’s doctors and staff – they were very friendly, caring and kind. It was important for my boy who was in hospital for the 1st time in his life. Everybody was perfect!!! All the best!!! There was only one problem with the shower in our room – the water was cold and didn’t go through the drain.

Peter Homphrys - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 20/11/2015

Nice hospital but needs modernising. Décor, TV and the rooms in general. All the staff I came across were very helpful and thoughtful.

Archie Habgood - (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 21/11/2015

As our first time in hospital in our 4 years in Paphos, Archie and I were both very worried and scared. Staff and doctors made us very calm and kept me fully informed of Archie’s progress. Thank You !!!!

Mark Barber  - (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 23/11/2015

All staff are very pleasant and attentive. Thank you!!

Yiannis Kleanthous - (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou)

Thank you to all the staff of Evangelismos Hospital for their kindness and politeness at all circumstances!!!!

William James Mills (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) 16/11/2015

All the nursing staff on the ward that attended to me while in hospital were very warm and friendly. They were also very attentive to my needs. I would like to thank them for looking after me.

Keith Albert Lawrence (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 16/11/2015

I have had excellent care while staying at Evangelismos Hospital.

Michael Buck (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 13/11/2015

I found everyone very helpful and polite.

Marios Neophytou  (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 12/11/2015

The nursing staff and the doctor were great. Many thanks to everybody.

Wendy Coppin (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 15/11/2015

Medical Centre was very clean and the staff very pleasant. Wonderful place to stay when feeling unwell. All members of staff who looked after me were wonderful, polite, caring and lovely people!!! Thank you for all your help!

Emillien Couton (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 18/11/2015

Once again I experienced the professional care at the hospital Evangelismos. All staff were excellent!!!!! Thank You very much for all!!! We are really happy that you exist!!!

Verena Buchmann (treated by Dr Neophytos Zambas) 18/11/2015

I am satisfied with everybody and everything.

Julie Mavromati-Tissier (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Very satisfied with the care provided by all the nurses and midwives of the maternity ward, all very friendly and professional, making our stay very pleasant. A big thank you to all of them and our best wishes. Special thanks to Dr Andri , Dr I liada Evripidou and Mrs Maria Mavrommati.

Marina Ignatiou (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Special thanks and congratulations to all the nursing staff. Congratulations for the moral, zeal and the great work. Many thanks to Maria, Roza, Ilona, Vasiliki, Nadja, Tania ans Eteri.

Eleni Miltiadous (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

Everything was great!!!

Margaret Evans (treated by Dr Stathis Tourvas) 05.11.2015

Well run hospital, everyone was very cautious. No complaints. Thank You.

Elena Korovina

A big thank you to ALL the staff in Evangelismos. I could not have had better service. They were very helpful, caring and always with a smile. Nothing was too much for them. They handled my new-born with the best of care. May Evangelismos always have the spirit they have. A big thanks to Roza.

Elizabeth O’Hara (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 06.11.2015

The staff were very caring and looked after me during my stay both during the day and during the night. They treated me with dignity when I was in a very vulnerable phase. The reception staff were friendly as was the admissions office. My surgeon Dr Savvas Lykoudes explained things clearly in a professional manner but NOT frightening. I would recommend him to anyone.

Michael Rothwell (treated by Dr Andreas Antoniades) 06/11/2015

The staff were all very helpful and kind. Thank You!!!

Margaret Trebble (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 10/11/2015

Menu very appetizing and good variety. Room portions rather large. Meat and fish sometimes dry, but tasty. Salads and sweets were good. A hot drink in the late evening after dinner would be nice.  All nursing care very efficient and good. Nurses helpful and polite. Excellent!

Kay Hadfield (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 06/11/2015

All Excellent!!

Aristi Yiannakou (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael)

Some furniture need restoration. The food was great! All nursing staff was very helpful. Thank you very much.

Chrysavgi Stefanou (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 10/11/2015

We are very pleased with all staff members, they treated us very well. Thank you very much.

Daniella Victora (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 07/11/2015

Everything was excellent!All the staff was great. Ms. Eleni Pazarou and Roza exceeded our expectations!!!

Terry Nye (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 03/11/2015

All the staff were first class!!!

Victoria Mpalakareva (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Thanks a lot! Everything was great!

Markos Constantinou (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 31/10/2015

I would like to send my regards to the hospital administration for hiring young people. In compare with my past experience everybody was polite, smilimg and very helpful. Dr Pavlos Georgiou exceeded my expectations. A very big Thank you!!!

Beatrice Ellen Patterson (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 30/10/2015

All staff and Dr Georgiades were excellent!!!

Marina Isaia (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Mrs Maria was excellent!!

Robin Tavener (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 04/11/2015

An excellent result, my thanks to all concerned. All staff were considerate and very helpful.

Ioannis Steliou (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 04/11/2015

Special Thanks to Dr Antonis Antoniou. We are very pleased with everything. Also many thanks to the nursing staff (Loukas, Antoni) which werre always smiling, polite and helpful in any way.

William Thomas (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 29/10/2015

We are so grateful that we came to Evangelismos Hospital, who have done an excellent job in diagnosing and resolving my problem. All the staff have been excellent – a special mention of Dr Karvounaris, Eleni and Loukas. Phinikoulla from the cafeteria has been a great support and comfort to my wife.

Dee Bullock (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) 29/10/2015

Excellent treatment – Thank You.

David Lewis (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 27/10/2015

All staff and doctors exceeded my expectations.

Stanley Peter Smith (treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) 25/10/2015

This is an excellent hospital and the staff were exceptional, everything first class.

Nicolaev Vjacheslav (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) 23/10/2015

Excellent!!!!  Dr Antonis Antoniou was also very good.

Ruth Lesley Walton (treated by Dr Pavlos Georgiou) 24/10/2015

Excellent service from everyone.

Thomas Harward (treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 25/10/2015

Thank you for all your help everyone. Has been very helpful and kind too. Kathleen is very good.

Maria Glyki (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Everything Perfect! Thank you very much.

Valentina Christodoulou (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 21/10/2015

Excellent staff, amazing, very hospitalble, kind and generous. Thank You for all. Felt very loved and welcome. Thank You for taking care of me. Each shift had their special staff. Great Team.

Hillary Holland (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 21/10/2015

I was very satisfied with treatment and staff. All were very attentive.

Peter Evans (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 20/10/2015

Can’t  praise the staff enough from the bottom to the top. All of them made my stay as comfortable as it could be. Thanks to you all.

Leonie Southworth (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 22/10/2015

All nurses excellent. Thanks to all

Georgiana Ioannou (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou) 18/10/2015

Everything was excellent. I am so grateful for all of your help and advice 24hrs. Also for being so supportive and never refused anything despite how tired you were, because we admit that it’s one of the hardest jobs. All the girls were excellent. With all our love Georgiana – Christos Ioannou and little Aristotelis.xxxx

Nikita Razumov (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 16/10/2015

All staff is excellent. I’m glad I chose you as my hospital.

Jevris Alan John (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) 15/10/2015

Wonderful treatment by your first class team of professionals. Their happy and positive outlook was a great confidence builder. Dr Christos Georgiades, Dr Stelios Karvounaris and all the nursing and support staff were great.

Yiannis Kleanthous (treated by Dr Yiannis Michaelides) 19/10/2015

I must say that from all the clinics or hospitals that I happened to be treated, Evangelismos comes first especially in the last few years. Even with a lot of other hospitals abroad. Generally they were all wonderful and ready to help. They were so apologetic when they had to wake me up for medication. Catty on the good job EVANGELISMOS!!!!!

Iliada Kyriakou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 18/10/2015

I am very pleased with the good care and service from all staff members and administration.

Kyproula Hadjialexandrou (treated by Phillipos Constantinou)

Thank you very for taking care of us and the very good service. You are a great team and stay that way.

Craig Cavawagh (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 08/10/2015

All staff were very good especially the 2 Antonis, Lucas and Elena who really looked after me and made me feel better and safe.

Jennifer Rachael Plant (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 07/10/2015

Chris and the Accidents and Emergency Doctor upon arriving at clinic were excellent!!!!

Dorothy Thomson (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) 06/10/2015

Although my stay was short, I was looked after very well. The nursing staff and doctors were excellent!!

John Read (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 08/10/2015

I have been well cared for by all departments. Thank You so much!!!! All the staff are so kind and very professional.

Antonis Nikolaou (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 08/10/2015

All the staff especially Antonis , Antonis and Loukas were excellent!

Xenia Tkachenko (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 11/10/2015

Thank You so much for taking care of me !

Demetra Nikolaou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

I would like to thank everyone.I was very pleased. you are wonderful. Thank you very much.

Xenia Theofilou (treated by Dr George Papanastasiou)

Thank You for your service.

Geoffrey Hood (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 03/10/2015

As British Tourist, we found the care and attention was excellent at all times and my partner was well cared for and in safe hands. I thank you all for all the help you gave me at this stressful time.

Miranda Richardson (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 03/10/2015

This is an exceptional hospital and we are so thankful we were brought here after Miranda’s fall. Both the medical and administration staff have been cheerful, helpful and highly professional at all times, helping us relax at this difficult time. The hospital is clean and a pleasant place to be. A special thanks to Dr Lykoudes for his skilful surgery and cheerful bedside manner, keeping us informed of progress at all times.  All staff have been very nice, helpful, efficient and professional at all times. We are both very grateful for their care.

Julie Griffith (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 05/10/2015

Very well looked after. Lovely staff , very helpful and friendly. Thank You for everything. Made my stay very comfortable.

David Cochrane (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 05/10/2015

The nursing staff were excellent, no one could ask or expect any better – Well Done. The room was not in good repair. The TV Channels also poor, it is 2015!!!! I would like to comment each and every member of the staff, both male and female were very professional. In particular Dr Lykoudes for his detailed explanation of the operation.

Emilien Couton (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) 29/09/2015

We came to Evangelismos Hospital on 24/09/2015 at night with my son with bad abdominal pain. My son was immediately hospitalized! All the doctors gave him all the necessary help needed, and he was operated to remove his appendicitis. We want to say a big Thank You to ALL!!!!!!  Evangelismos Hospital works with professionalism and gives perfect service and care! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! All the staff were perfect and excellent!

Anastasia Varonina (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Thank you for your kindness! Special thanks to Dr Rebecca (anaesthesiologist) and all the staff!!!

Shirley Harrison (treated by Dr Thedosis Petrides) 25/09/2015

All members of staff have been excellent. All very kind and caring, nothing has been too much trouble for them. A great THANK YOU to all staff and God Bless You!!

Maria Tombazou (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 25/09/2015

Many thanks to Evangelismos Hospital, to Dr Lykoudes and all the staff. I wish you all well.

Irmelin Rose Johnson (treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou) 28/09/2015

Thank You for your good service. Everybody has been so nice to me…

Christos Theodorou (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 26/09/2015

I have found all the staff members very dedicated, kind and caring!!! I thank them all !!!!

Panayiota Charalambous (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) 24/09/2015

Everything was excellent. Very good service. Polite staff. Clean room and very good food.

Katerina Zenonos (treated by Dr Phillipos Constantinou)

We are very satisfied with our staying in your hospital, your facilities and all the staff.

John Lewington (treated by Dr Eraclis Eracleous) 20/09/2015

The whole concept could not be faulted. My congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all concerned. Kathy and Lucas exceeded my expectations.

Jeremy Seavers (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes)

Dr Lykoudes and Dr Stavrou were both excellent doctors in all respects. I am fundamentally impressed. All nursing staff very, very good. They were all excellent.

Xenia Filinia (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 19/09/2015

Thank You very much everyone!!!

Patricia Lane (treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 20/09/2015

Thank You to everyone who has looked after me. I have been treated with kindness and respect from arrival to departure. All staff have looked after me first class. They are all very helpful and pleasant.

 Irina Savitchi (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) Room 246

The staff is absolutely perfect. All the nurses are here to help me at any request and it is very encouraging. My only complaint would be the bathroom. It is very warn out and the shower needs replacing. But once again, the most important for me are the people and everyone is absolutely fantastic.

Antigoni Georgiadou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 15/09/2015

All nursing staff was excellent and always by my side. Many thanks to all.

Xenia Ignatiou (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Everything was excellent. Please take care of the visiting hours. It was a little noisy. Thank you very much for everything.

Nikola Warnock (Treated by Dr Akis Christodoulides) 19/09/2015

My Consultant and Surgeon were both excellent. Maria – head nurse excellent!!!!

Vasiliki Smylanaki (Treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) 21/09/2015

Many thanks to everyone!!! One big Thank You to my gyneacolligist Dr. Phillipos, Dr. Iliada Pedeatrician and all the nursing staff that were always there for me and answering every question i had. You made my second birth experience as pleasant as possible.

Steven Braun (Treated by Dr Stylianos Karvounaris) 16/09/2015

All staff, nurses and doctors excellent.

Renaima Brown (Treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) 16/09/2015

Baby Renaiya, myself and mum were looked after extremely well. Baby Renaiya was cared for exceptionally at a very difficult time. We were made to feel at home, especially by the doctor. Thank You so much for making my baby well.

Susan Keen (Treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 17/09/2015

My experience has been made bearable due to ALL the excellent staff, doctors and admin. They have all been most kind, understanding and upper most their professional skills have been second to none. (EXCELLENT). Dr Savvas Lykoudes has been my saviour and mended me!!! I could not ask for better service and will dearly miss them all. Kathy, Olga (dark hair) and Loucas, I have a special relationship with them but all nurses were brilliant. And of course Christiana Mylona.

Raymond Gillman (Treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 17/09/2015

Very Good all round. Thank you!!

Karen Donlon (Treated by Dr. Eraclis Eracleous) 23/08/2015

The care of the staff in both accidents and emergency and on the ward has been first class. I want to thank you all for your care and understanding during my time here. The nurse Kathy was fantastic.

Iris Keeling (Treated by Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 22/08/2015

We can’t thank you enough for all your help and care you have provided. Many Thanks from the Keeling Family.

Anthea Ttappous (Treated by Dr. Nikos Konnaris) 22/08/2015

Thank You to Dr Konnaris for his professionalism, care and passion. Thank you to all the nursing staff for their dedication and passion for their patients, especially for the way in which they approach their patients. A special thanks to Elena who touched Anthea in a way which has left an impression on her, she speaks of her all the time.

Denise Greenwood (Treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 19/08/2015

The hospital and staff are excellent. Could not fault anything.

George Panayiotides (Treated by Dr. Panayiotis Antonakas) 14/08/2015

All staff members are polite and helpful and we wish to thank everyone for their support during our stay. George and Nikki

Helen Price (Treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudes) 17/08/2015

A very professional organisation. Thank you from the Price Family.

Hadar Bar (Treated by Dr. Iliada Evripidou) 24/08/2015

The staff was very professional. The doctor (Dr Iliada Evripidou) gave us the feeling of the best treatment and care. Thank You very much.

Ioanna Hadjiantoniou (Treated by Dr. Philippos Constantinou) 08/08/2015

Mrs. Mavromatti was very helpful and always willing to help. All the nursing staff was excellent, especially Eleni Pazarou and Teri Tsakalidou.

Eleni Symeou (Treated by Dr. Andri Evripidou) 07/08/2015

I am very pleased with the doctors and nursing staff. I had a lot of help and i am very thankful. Everything is very well organized in Evangelismos Hospital.

Shirley O’Brien (Treated by Dr. Christoforos Stavrou) 06/08/2015

From start to finish I had exemplary care from everyone concerned. The staff were so helpful and professional as well as being very friendly and caring. Many thanks for all your help. Dr Stavrou was excellent, too. Thank You..

Sarah Rachael Kirton (Treated by Dr. Christoforos Stavrou) 09/08/2015

Thank you as always. A great hospital and I thank Dr Stavrou personally. Special thanks to Kathy, Antonis, Loucas and Olga who are always very kind and helpful.

Rachel Norcott (Treated by Dr. Nestoras Michael) 08/06/2015

We all want to say a big THANK YOU!  For your knowledge, care and kindness. You made me feel safe and confident, I was blessed to end up in your hands. Here is a memory from us to you. Kind Regards Rachel, Paul, Elliot, Ruby and Suzy.

Mrs Margaret Clark (Treated by Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 08/08/2015

Excellent Services and all were very attentive. Dr Petrides is excellent.

Kay Wooldridge (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 04/08/2015

All staff were very helpful and excellent. Dr Lykoudes was particularly kind and understanding.

Beverly Pebendy (Treated by Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 05/08/2015

I have received the most excellent medical care. Also I have been treated with kindness, courtesy and absolute professionalism. The hospital is very clean, the meals healthy, nutritious and well presented. I have no hesitation in recommending the Evangelismos – and regularly do so. With deep gratitude – I shall miss everyone – but leave in good health, now able to enjoy my life so much more. God bless you all. Dr Antonakas – Dr Karvounaris – Dr Petrides – all the nurses – it would be impossible to single out 1 or 2. They have all been reassuring and lovely to me. I felt safe in their hands and care.

Avril Mackenzie (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 05/08/2015

I am so grateful for all the staff help, from administration staff to Dr Lykoudes. I cannot praise the staff enough, they cannot do enough for me. Lucas, the nurse was exceptionally nice to me as I was quite upset. Mrs Xanthoula was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Cathy, the night nurse was also very friendly. You have an amazing team. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Kathryn Lawson (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 03/08/2015

All the staff very friendly and helpful also kind and caring. Food good but a little too much. Would recommend this hospital as everything very professional.

John Holt (Treated by Dr. Eraclis Eracleous) 05/08/2015

All the staff and doctors excellent.

Barry Savin (Treated by Dr. Nikos Konnaris) 05/08/2015

The doctor who attended Harry was excellent. Most of the nursing staff also very good. Thank You….

Prof. Ofer Gofrit (Treated by Dr. Stylianos Karvounaris) 31/07/2015

Everything was excellent. Very Professional and pleasant care. A pride to Cyprus.

Raymond Dobson (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 31/07/2015

The hospital facilities I found excellent and it also has good cleanliness and housekeeping.

Dagfinn Nulf Aamodt (Treated by Dr. Panagiotis Antonakas) 30/07/2015

All departments very good. Admissions and housekeeping excellent. The meals were beyond expectations, Excellent!!!

Panikos Koliaros (Treated by Dr. Christos Georgiades) 31/07/2015

All excellent.

Evelyn Forrester (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 28/07/2015

I found, everyone from doctor and nursing staff, to be very nice, apart from my accident, I was very comfortable. Thank you doctor and nursing staff for looking after me. Also Cleaning Staff, room was very clean.

John Read (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 23/07/2015

Very Professional, polite and a happy hospital. All staff are wonderful.

Warren Woolridge (Treated by Dr. Eraclis Eracleous) 28/07/2015

Everybody was excellent.

Barry Sutherland (Treated by Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 29/07/2015

All staff, from the top to the bottom, were amazing !!!

Anna Bastonopoulou (Treated by Dr. Phillipos Constantinou) 20/07/2015

All the nursing staff was excellent. We had a little problem with our bed

Natalia Filippova (Treated by Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou) 

Many thanks to all the staff.Excellent nurses and many thanks to my anesthesiologist Dr. Rebecca. She was very professional.

Souliana Kashouli (Treated by Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou)

Excellent Service and an exceptional head nurse mrs. Maria Mavromatti

Tatianna Gurvich (Treated by Dr. Karvounaris) 21/07/2015

I thank God that I was admitted in such a wonderful hospital and such good care. Big thank you to Dr Karvounaris and Dr Stavrou for their professionalism and good communication with me. I would also like to thank all the staff for their kindness and helpfulness. I could not have been in better hand…THANK YOU!!!

Etay Stelzem (Treated by Dr. Nikos Konnaris) 21/07/2015

Thank you very much for all your help.

Jayne Watson (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 21/07/2015

Savvas Lykoudes – Best ever , a true gentleman. Cathy – excellent, nothing was too much trouble. A true professional – very knowledgeable, an asset for the hospital.

Panayiota Lythrangomiti (Treated By Dr. Phillipos Constantinou) 12/07/2015

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the stuff members which were by our side every time we needed them and my doctors who took care of me and my baby, their patience, support and everything they done for us and our baby.

Zornitsa Gregoriou Treated by Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou) 12/07/2015

Many thanks to the excellent staff and their flawless behavior. Especially we would like to thank my doctor and all the operating theater stuff.

Gabriela Gospontinova (Treated By Dr. Phillipos Constantinou) 12/07/2015

Thank You for your kindness!!!!!!

Nashat Al Bqaeen (Treated By Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 06/07/2015

All the staff were excellent. Dr. Theodosis and Chris from the casualty were amazing.

Christine Buckley Mellor (Treated By Dr. Antonakas) 03/07/2015

All staff were very good.

Andrew Chambers (Treated By Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 03/07/2015

Every single member of staff are 200%. I cannot say anything better than that. Excellent!!!

Veronica Thrasivoulou (Treated By Dr. Christos Georgiades) 27/06/2015

Everybody was very polite and helpful all the time! Eleni - Antonis - Andri - Demetris

Maria Aristarxou  (Treated By Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou) 26/06/2015

Many thanks for the good care and your sweet smile which made my stay in your hospital very pleasant. Take care.

Mandy Milijic  (Treated By Dr. Phillipos Constantinou) 24/06/2015

Thank You for everything. Loudmila and Maria were very friendly, all the staff that I was dealt with were polite and friendly and above all Dr Phillipos is very professional.

Anna Kulyova  (Treated By Dr. Andri Evripidou) 20/06/2015

I’d like to express sincere appreciation to all nursing staff, my gynaecologist Andri and Paediatrician Iliada who’s safety and care helped me to deliver our baby girl on 17/06/2015.

Keith Bayes (Treated By Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 20/06/2015

Theodosis, the IT person was excellent. All nursing staff were great!

Alan John Beary (Treated By Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 19/06/2015

Cathy is a 1st class nurse for injections

Irene Henderson  (Treated By Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 19/06/2015

During my stay all the nursing staff were very efficient and helpful.

Mrellan Harahan (Treated By Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 14/06/2015

This is as good as any American Hospital I have been in! Thanks for your help! Nurse Kathy is excellent.

Gillian Polashek (Treated By Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 14/06/2015

All members of staff have been helpful, caring, kind and polite.

Esme Davidson (Treated By Dr. Iliada Evripidou) 13/06/2015

Excellent team, very kind to my daughter.

Julie Higgins (Treated By Dr. Eraclis Eracleous) 13/06/2015

I was very well looked after by all members of staff. Sorry I did not speak your language. All staff very lovely, very professional, made my stay good.

Ricardo Lobo (Treated by Dr. Panagiotis Antonakas) 13/06/2015

I recently had a hernia repair operation at Evangelismos Hospital and would like to thank all the staff for their professionalism and care, especially the surgeon Dr. Antonakas, who was really wonderful.

Tasoula Nicolaou (Treated by Dr. Phillipos Constantinou) 12/06/2015

Excellent service from the nursing staff. All the areas were very clean and especially the baby nursing room. Special thanks to my good doctor Mr. Phillipo Constantinou, who is the best!

Leo Sharp (Treated by Dr. Nikos Konnaris) 10/06/2015

Very good care compared to the UK. Fast and efficient test results. Staff were understanding.

George Kaponas (Treated by Dr. Stylianos Karvounaris) 06/06/2015

The doctors and nursing staff was excellent! It was very impressive that they did not ignore my birthday and brought me a cake!!!

Katie Partridge (Treated by Dr. Polydorou) 05/06/2015

All the staff were very cautious and pleasant. The young girl who canulated me was quick and efficient, I did not get her name. Night times were nice and quiet. Many Thanks.

Arend Offeringa (Treated by Dr. Theodosis Petrides) 03/06/2015

Both nursing staff and doctors were professional and very friendly. Thank you for taking good care of me. Antonis and Kathy were excellent.

Ann Haines (Treated by Dr. Nasser Abdallah) 02.06.2015

All the staff that worked from 1pm yesterday 1st June till today, everyone was very kind and helpful especially Dr. Nasser.

Pearl Waspe (Treated by Dr. Savvas Lykoudes) 01.06.2015

Thank you very much to all the staff, they all looked after me very well, the doctor did a wonderful job on my leg and I thank him from the bottom of my heart, they are all angels. I love them all. Kathy cared for me very well and thank Demetris very much for giving me a lovely shower, so sorry for soaking him. Love Pearl.

Graham Cousins (Treated by Dr. Christoforos Stavrou) 31.05.2015

During our stay, we have been treated with kindness and courtesy by all the staff. Especially the nurses on the General Warde including Eleni, Antonis, Olga, Kathy, Naira and Eleonora and many more who’s name were not mentioned. We would recommend the Hospital to anyone who needs Medical Care while in Paphos. Thank You for your excellent care and service. Dr Stavrou was also very good.

Constantina Loizou (Treated by Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou & Dr. Iliada Evripidou) 29.05.2015

We are very pleased.Many thanks to anyone and especially to Dr. Michalis Chrysostomou & Dr. Iliada Evripidou for their help. Also we would like to thank Mrs. Roza (Nurse) for her advice.