Patient Comments

Patient G.P.C – (25/03/2020)

I would like to thank and acknowledge all the nurses in the maternity ward for the unbelievable attention and care provided. Each and every single one of them went an extra mile to help! As it is my first child, I did not feel hesitation to ask any questions and they were happy to teach me and support. Amazing atmosphere doctors and staff and top quality food.

Patient A.K. – 23/03/2020

I would like to thank all the staff, from the bottom of my heart, for their services and helpfulness. May you always have your health. A big thank you to Dr Nestoras Michael.

Patient C.D. – 10/04/2020

I am very grateful for all the staff and especially my Doctor (Dr Phillipos Constantinou). I wish you all great strength and courage through these difficult days.

Patient S.L. – 08/04/2020

All the staff are HEREOS!!! They are very helpful.

Patient N.I. –

Most of the staff on the 2nd floor are very helpful and always willing to help. Although I was alone in the hospital, they made me feel comfortable and good. Thank You all..

Patient N.Z. – 03/04/2020 (Room 246)

All the girls on the ward were wonderful, especially during this period where I had to go through my delivery on my own, they were by my side.  Congratulations!!! I believe the visiting hours should stay as is and only the father to be allowed in the room, which helps the mother to recover better and spend quality time with her family. Visitors do not help.

Patient N.N. – 07/04/2020

All your staff are kind, helpful and always with a smile. The cleanliness of your hospital is also very clean. Thank You.

Patient P.A. – 22/04/2020

I was very happy with my stay in your hospital, I have no complaints with your staff. Always helpful and smiling. In this very difficult time with COVID-19 for us mothers who are facing the most wonderful memories of our lives on our own, but I never felt alone, they all took care of me, taught me everything I needed to know and made me feel like family. Thank you to all especially Dr Nestoras Michael .

Patient A.L. – (Room 232)

Very pleased with the whole procedure and my stay. All staff are very helpful and attentive. If I happen to have another baby it would definitely be at Evangelismos.

Patient T.A. – 24/04/2020

Your hospital has excellent services from the nursing staff, to the cleaners, to the administration staff, etc. Thank You.

Patient S.J. – 08/05/2020

Both twin doctors Evripidou are a credit to your hospital. Dr Andri Evripidou looked after me in my pregnancy and I could not have chosen a better doctor. She is a beautiful soul. Dr Iliada is looking after my newborn baby and could not have asked for a better doctor who I trust.

Patient E.C. – Treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou

The morning shift on the 13/05/2020 was excellent in everything and very kind.

Patient A.M. – Treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou

Excellent services and professional. Thank you and stay safe.

Patient A.I. – Treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou

Very helpful staff in everything.

Patient G.J.G. – Treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou

Very professional doctors. Friendly, efficient staff. Adequacy of signs around the hospital need improvement.

Patient S.E. – Treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou

Excellent service, kind and helpful staff and doctor. The hospital has taken very serious the security of the hospital. Well Done.

Patient M.L. - (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) 02.10.2018

All the staff in the maternity ward have been amazing! We can’t fault them at all! Dr Nestoras was very helpful and polite.

Patient M.P. - (treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 04.10.2018

The reception and admission staff are very helpful and also the doctors and nursing staff very professional.

Patient S.H. -(treated by Dr Demetris Aspros) 02.10.2018

Dr Aspros was great!!!!

Patient S.R. – (30.09.2018)

Dr Eraclis Eracleous and Dr Despina Paphitou are exceptionally good as well as other nursing staff. Andreas Christodoulou on the General ward is an excellent nurse. A choice of food would have been appreciated.

Patient A.N. – (24.09.2018)

Maria Mavrommati and Tania Toncheva were very helpful.

Patient R.M. – (treated by Dr Andreas Eleftheriades) (DO NOT PUBLISH)

Christina Neophytou is very polite and professional.

Patient M.C. – 20.09.2018

All the girls on the Maternity ward were very helpful and friendly.

Patient T.I. – 09.09.2018

Dr Aspros has perfect English and great doctor.

Patient O.A. – 01.09.2018

Dr Lykoudes – wonderful doctor. Roza is a special lady and very kind. All the nurses have been absolutely brilliant, very kind and helpful. They Could not do enough for me. Everyone was very caring. Bella is the most amazing person who did everything she could to make me comfortable.

Patient N.P – 19.09.2018 (Room 142)

I would like to thank all the nurses who helped me. And a special thanks to Antonis who counts for 2 people. Hope you all stay as you are, helpful and friendly. Your fussy patient has left.

Patient P.D – (Treated by Dr Andreas Antoniades)

I came into the Medical Centre of the Sensatori Aphrodite Hills, for treatment to an Ear Infection on the 25th and also on the 28th you referred me to Dr Andreas Antoniadis for a flight test before my journey home. Quick bit of feedback that my flight back to the UK (overnight 28th/29th) went very smoothly with no ear trouble whatsoever.

Just wanted to thank you all for your care and your arranging of treatment, medication, taxis and the flight test. The whole issue was dealt with both promptly and smoothly, I felt well looked after at all times. Thank you.

 Patient C.K – 10/07/2018 – Room 232

All of the gynae ward were perfect, they were helpful.

Patient M.G (treated by Dr. Despina Mavridou) – Room 126

Dr. Eraclis Eracleous – the best.

 Patient M.I – 12/07/2018 – Room 240

Christina Neophytou, Anna Avramidou and Magdalini Ilitzeva from the best staff.

Very good with the babies, respect the new mothers and polite.

Very helpful on this difficult moment. Many thanks.

Security was very polite and he ensures observance of visiting hours. I would love to be a staff member in the babies room to respond instantly to any baby or mother needs.

Patient C.T – 13/07/2018 – Room 127

Dr Alexis Frangoulidi – extremely informative.

Patient C.P – Room 134 (treated by Dr George F. Ioannides)

No complaints – thank you for everything that you offered me during my stay in hospital.

I am satisfied. Thank all of the staff.

 Patient M.D – 17/07/2018 – Room 141-142 (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou)

Dr Maria Nikolaidou – comforting, informative, kind, reassuring and professional.

 Patient E.S – 18/07/2018 – Room 223-224

Everyone was very friendly, helpful and reassuring. All very professional in their duties. Thank you.

Patient N.E – 18/07/2018 – Room 234 (Do not publish)

All of the Hospital staff were very polite and friendly. Especially Ms Roza Spyriadou helped me a lot.

Patient A.G – 20/07/2018 – Room 244

Thank you very much for the care and service from your gynae ward staff.

Patient A.Z (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou) – 21/07/2018 – Room 152

During our stay all of the staff were impeccable. The service was amazing. Thank you.

Patient R.S (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) – 21/07/2018 – Room 122

A big thank to all 1st floor nurses. Dr Antonis Antoniou is a big professional.


Very good! Ms Andria Philippou – thank you for your help, we are blessed. Special person.

Patient K. R (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 25/07/2018 – Room 242

Dr Andri Evripidou is truly amazing woman.

I found the staff to be truly exceptional. The professionalism of the doctors was outstanding and the communication from them was brilliant.

Patient D.W (treated by Dr Kleio Gaitanaki) – 28/07/2018 – Room 144

All the staff were friendly and I fell really looked after.

Patient M.K (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) – 29/07/2018 – Room 128

Valentinos Neophytou – excellent. Thank you very much.

Patient C.H (traeted by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – 30/07/2018 – Room 132

Everyone was so professional and helpful and caring at a difficult time for me.

Thank you all so much.

Patient E.K (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) – 30/07/2018 – Room 152

Thank you very much to everyone. Thank you for your patience, understanding and your help.

Patient S.J (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – Room 125

All the staff have been exceptional and supportive. We were away from home in an emergency situation but felt informed and cared for. Thank you all the staff for looking after Sam and I so well.


Very good service from Ms. Andria Philippou. Very polite, helpful and with very good mood. Thank you Andria. Bravo.

Patient C.K (treated by Dr Christos Georgiades) – 06/08/2018

I would like to thank the Doctors and Nursing staff for making me stay in this wonderful hospital. They made me feel at ease so much, and coped with what I was going through.

A very big thank you to all. Dr Christos Georgiades and Dr. Christoforos Stavrou thank you.

Patient E.A (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) – 08/08/2018 – Room 240

All of the staff were perfect. Always smiling and willing to do whatever we asked. Ms Maria Mavrommati and ms. Roza Spyriadou were the ones that stood out.

Very helpful and excellent . Despite the huge work load they gave 110% of their capabilities.


Patient K-A.G – 08/08/2018 – Room 232

Nursing staff do an exceptional job to a very high standard.


To all the ladies an gynae ward – thank you for looking after me after my operation. You are all truly amazing people, very kind and caring.

Thank you for making me laugh and trying to liven up my spirit when I was in great pain.

Patient M.T – (25.06.2018)

Everything was 1st class, no need for improvement. Dr Eraclis and Dr Nicolaidou were both 5 plus.

Patient E.Z (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou) – 18/06/2018 – Room 232

Dr Andri Evripidou was wonderful.  Ilona Kostanidou was very kind and helpful. Also a thank you to Maria Mavrommati.

 Patient J.G (treated by Dr Kleio Gaitanaki) – 19/06/2018 – Room 142

Dr Kleio Gaitanaki was excellent. Thank you for the excellent care.

Patient E.U. – (Treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas)

This  is my 2nd visit, following my surgery on the 13th I received the best of care by Dr Antonakas and his team and also by Dr Hercules. The same applies to all the nursing staff who have looked after me. I cannot name just one individual – their standard of care was excellent.

Patient H.G. – (Treated by Dr Antonakas)

Dr Antonakas was excellent.

Patient H.E. – (Treated by Dr Maria Nicolaidou)

A wonderful surprise, to have found a hospital and staff with such excellent. Chris was efficient, friendly with clinical perspective and could communicate well.

 Patient L.S (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) – 20/06/2018 – Room 150

All nurses were friendly, kind and warm.  

 Patient A.H. – 24.06.2018

Angela has Down Syndrome and this was a major operation. Thanks to everyone here for being so kind and professional, she came through with flying colours

Patient N.W (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou)

Such a welcoming feeling, especially as I am on holiday. Love and thanks to each and every one of you.

Patient F.A (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) – 24/06/2018 – Room 152

Thank our doctor who with her help and her persistence we managed to overcome the health problem. Also all of the staff were polite and friendly, they made us believe that we weren’t in a hospital.

A big thanks to all individually. You are unique. Continue to offer the best with love and smiles. Thank you Dr Iliada Evripidou.

Patient M.K (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

Midwives and Dr Philippos Constantinou are very supportive and helpful during my procedure.

Patient A.G (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 27/06/2018 – Room 236

Thank you for you valuable help and love which you have shown me. Nothing would have helped without your guidance and your help.

Patient S.H (treated by Dr Christalla Philippou) – 29/06/2018 – Room 130

Nursing staff were cheeky and helpful. My Doctor has been excellent. Nursing staff – all been great, helped me get through my chemo. A big thank you to them all.

Outpatient – 29/06/2018

Thank for Outpatient Supervisor Maria Moutaftsi. She was polite and informative.

Patient R.R (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou) – 02/07/2018 – Room 233

Dr Philippos Constantinou is the best.

Patient A.D – 02/07/2018 – Room 244

All of the hospital staff were especially helpful, friendly, polite and always smiling. Bravo.

Patient M.W (treated by Dr Nikos Konnaris) – 02/07/2018 – Room 138 (do not publish)

Dr Nikos Konnaris offered excellent care. All of the staff were excellent and made a stressful time with my daughter much more reassuring.

Patient M.K (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – 04/07/2018 – Room 226

All of the gynea staff – congratulations for your help which you offer to your patients.

Patient G.S – 07/07/2018 – Room 126

Perfect Doctor and nursing staff.

Patient D.G – 08/07/2018 – Room 138

Lovely Doctors and nursing staff.

Patient C.M (treated by Dr Philippos Constantinou)

All the staff are very helpful. All  are perfect. Nothing can stop them to keep doing it. Dr Philippos is the best.

Patient C.K – 10/07/2018 – Room 232

All of the gynea staff were helpful.

Patient P.C – 11/07/2018 – Room 133

I am satisfied with everything.


Patient Y.C. (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 24/04/2018 (Room 236)

For the second time the service from your Hospital staff were excellent with no exaggeration. Always with smile and polite the staff are ready to help you.

Special congratulations to the Gynae ward and all the staff who treated us manually with patience.

Patient S.G (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 28/4/18 (Room 242)

Exceptional service and care throughout my stay.

Patient M.R (Outpatient)

No complaint. Excellent care and attention.

Patient D.A (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou)

Everything was perfect.

Patient M.N (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou) – 28/4/18 (Room 137)

No complaints, all very good both in hospital care and staff were fantastic, although very busy but still managed to be helpful with a smile. As I am a very nervous patient, They put me at ease so my times.

Patient A.R (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou)

Thank you for helping me through a very scary time. Your professionalism helped keep me calm during my unexpected operation and recovery. Best wishes.

Patient D.M.P (treated by Dr Maria Nikolaidou) (Room 131)

Nurse Fostira was more than excellent and very helpful.

Patient S.B (outpatient) (treated by Dr Panagiotis Antonakas) – 02/05/2018

Dr Panagiotis Antonakas was excellent.

Patient K.E.G (treated by Dr Savvas Lykoudis) – 02/05/2018 (Room 141-143)

I am most impressed with the care I have received. The staff I have met have without exception, been professional, caring and friendly.

Patient I.P (treated by Dr Maria Paschalidou) – 06/05/2018 (Room 150)

Cathy was amazing with my daughter. She was professional, kind and caring. She was especially friendly and put a very scared one year old child at ease.

I cannot praise her enough. Thank you.

Patient T.N (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou)

Visiting hours are not enough and unacceptable.

Patient A.K (treated by Dr Antonis Antoniou) – 07/05/2018 (Room 127)

Thank you to all the staff on the 1st floor (nurses, cleaners, etc. ), Especially big thank you to doctor Stavros.

Patient B.E (treated by Dr Iliada Evripidou) – 7/5/18 (Room 137)

Dr Christos Georgiades – the best doctor ever, kind, helpful and professional.

All your staff is the best quality and services, there were minor issues that were resolved by the neonatal room staff.

Nothing to complain about. Thank you much.

Patient J.C (Outpatient)

I always have excellent treatment from excellent doctors and staff.

Patient T.Z. (treated by Dr Theodora Demetriou) (Outpatient)

I feel everything seemed to be done professionally. Thank you.

Patient G.P (treated by Dr Nestoras Michael) – 08/05/2018

Perfect service and staff. All were polite and smiled.

Patient R.P (treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) – 09/05/2018 (Room 224)

Christina Neophytou and Marialena Pavlara -  impeccable and helpful.

Patient N.D (treated by Dr Kleio Gaitanaki) (Room 242)

All staff were very friendly and helpful.

Patient E.D (treated by Dr Panagiotis Tavelis) – 13/05/2018 (Room 232)

Rosa was very helpful and a good lady.

Patient P.O (treated by Dr Panagiotis Tavelis) – 13/05/2018 (Room 137/138)

Dr Panagiotis Tavelis was very friendly and very good. Excellent service all around, nurses very helpful and friendly.

Patient G.E – 13/5/18 (Room 242)

Cleanliness was very good. Service and professionalism were perfect. The gynae ward was perfect. The staff were helpful and very well informed about breastfeeding.

Perfect professionalism with everything for mother and baby. Congratulations. I am very satisfied.

Patient C.B – (Treated by Dr Theodosis Petrides) Room 234

Ilona Kostanidou was very helpful and pleasant.

Patient J.L (treated by Dr Aristos Georgiou) – 14/05/2018

All staff were excellent. Dr Aristos Georgiou was very helpful.

Patient E.K – 15/05/2018 (Room 222)

Staff were fantastic, couldn’t ask for anyone better. Thank you to all.

Patient M.K (treated by Dr Nasser Abdallah) – 16/5/18 (Room 127)

Ioanna and Despo (operating theatre staff) wonderful.

Dr Nasser Abdallah was excellent doctor.

Patient A.B (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

A big thank you for the Nursing staff -Bella – Rosa and my Doctor.

Patient M.M (treated by Dr Andri Evripidou)

Staff and Doctor were very helpful.

Patient C.C (treated by Dr Andri Euripidou) – 18/05/2018 (Room 244)

Dr Andri Evripidou has real professionalism. Everything was perfect.

Patient S.B – (Treated by Dr Michalis Chrysostomou) 18.05.2018

Dr Michalis Chrysostomou is wonderful. Thank you!!!

Patient J.F – (Treated by Dr Panayiotis Antonakas) 20.05.2018

I had excellent care

Patient P.K – (Treated by Dr Christoforos Stavrou) 22.05.2018

Your staff are excellent!!!!!