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Situated in Paphos, Cyprus, Evangelismos Hospital is a leading medical facility created by distinguished medical professionals who share a common concern for public health and human dignity. On June 10th 2001, Evangelismos’ opening day, this vision became reality, continuing the bright course that has been forged by Greek medicine through the ages. We offer a wide range of clinical and diagnostic healthcare services to the local community and beyond.

Many of our patients are visitors from other countries on holiday or foreign nationals permanently residing in Cyprus. Because of this continuity of values and ideals of the oath, we at Evangelismos believe that the correct diagnosis and treatment of patients is not achieved only by putting science into practice, but also by simultaneously developing parallel relationships (integrated care), because of us, medicine is synonymous with love of our fellow man.

The hospital was built to EU specifications and complies with all EU standards

Improving clinical effectiveness and efficiency is central to achieving our goal of absolute patient satisfaction. Evangelismos makes a positive contribution by regularly organizing training and educational activities relating to health and medicine. Our country faces difficult times. The future is uncertain and everyone fears that the work of a life time could be at risk. The possibility of losing what took a lifetime to build can only break ones confidence. During these times, thoughts inevitably turn to what is more valuable in one’s life; family, parents, children, friends and their welfare, security and health. The only question posed to each of us is:

How can I overcome this crisis?  Should I hide myself until this social shock passes, or should I strive to stand on my feet and take a risk to help improve the living standard of others?

With this consideration in mind a group of consultant physicians, who have offered their services at the Evangelismos Private Hospital for more than ten years, have undertaken a risk and, guided by the general community feeling for co-ordination and support, have made it their personal responsibility to save the hospital from closing down.
Evangelismos has a total medical care approach and offers a wide range of clinical services that cover diagnosis through to treatment.  We pledge to continuously evaluate all our clinical services and ensure that these are offered at the highest standards. With four state-of-the-art nursing units, 25 specialized departments, experienced nursing staff and 32 physicians, Evangelismos is exceptionally well placed to offer high medical services.
Our Clinical Services include departments like the Well Woman Centre that embraces Gynecology, Obstetrics, IVF and Fertility matters and the Diagnostic Centre equipped with the latest technology in CT-SCAN, PANORAMIC, ULTRASOUND and X-RAY equipment as well as an impeccable Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, ready to perform any test required and expected.
Furthermore, Evangelismos Hospital comprises of several other departments like Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic & Cosmetic surgery, General (Internal) Medicine, Pathology, Urological Surgery, Cardiology, Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Dentistry, Vascular Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, ENT, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, Oncology, Nephrology, Neurosurgery , Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, General Surgery,  just to mention a few.

The short term objective of the New Administration of the Evangelismos Private Hospital is to proceed to an essential reorganization and upgrading of the services offered. The present specialisations will be reinforced and new ones will be added.  At the same time every effort will be made to maintain the hospital in its prominent role of providing medical services to the people of the Paphos District and beyond.

Also, Evangelismos Hospital has already come out with special packages that will enable working people to choose a doctor and a treatment based on professionalism and high calibre and not according to budget. The equilibrium between doctors and social sensitivity concerning the medical fees is of extreme importance for the doctors here at Evangelismos and discussions have been initiated for considerable decrease in medical fees. Support this effort.  Keep Paphos alive. Give a helping hand to our fellow citizens.  These objectives are foremost in our thoughts.

Dr. Nestoras Michael