Visiting Hours

Evangelismos Private Hospital announces that from Wednesday 01/11/23, visiting hours are set as follows:

  • Morning visit: 10:30-11:30
  • Afternoon visit: 17:00-18:00

As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions are in place regarding visiting room procedures, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of patients, all involved members of the hospital and visitors.

  • Visitors will be pre-specified by patients during their admission procedures and will be recorded in the hospital system.
  • Visiting cards will be allowed for people over 12 years of age, where it will be verified by showing an ID or other document confirming the person's details.
  • Visitor entry is determined by the Central Entrance (Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays)
  • The visitor will present a negative rapid detection test for coronavirus (72 hours).
  • Visitors to the hospital wards will not exceed 1 person per bed, per patient, while you are invited to respect the peace of the patient who may be hospitalized in the same room with you.
  • The patient will be entitled to a maximum of 2 visitors per day of hospitalization.
  • The duration of the visit will not exceed 30 minutes per visitor, unless a visitor who is entitled to 60 minutes is declared.
  • The use of a protective mask is mandatory for all persons.
  • When visiting patients, food, flowers, and balloons are not allowed.
  • Visitors must leave the room when doctors and nursing staff enter to examine patients.
  • The stay of visitors outside the opening hours is prohibited unless special reasons dictate it, whenever a special written permission is required.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.

We welcome and support visits to patients by their relatives and loved ones, so that during hospitalization they can effectively contribute to the rapid recovery of the patient.

From the Management