The Anaesthesia department’s mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare at competitive prices to our patients. Our commitment is to the patient and we intend to treat every patient with due care and dignity.

The Department of Anaesthesia at Evangelismos Hospital is comprised with anesthesiologists experienced in all surgical specialties, acute and chronic pain, pre-operative assessments, and labour and delivery.

Our anaesthesiologists are adept in general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia (spinals and epidurals), and various levels of sedation.

Modern anaesthetic machines and monitors ensure that patients are given safe general anesthetics.

Before their surgery, many patients are scheduled to see an anaesthesiologist to ensure medical conditions are optimized, lowering their risk of anesthetic complications.

The anaesthesiologists work as a team, alongside surgeons and nurses.

Department Doctors:

Dr. Demetris Kossenas
Dr. Anna Krespi
Dr. Rebbeca Papantoniou
Dr. Anna Tsikali

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